25 Things About JennySue Makeup

Ok, I’ve got to give credit where it’s due for this idea.  I religiously read celeb magazines (it’s a sickness I think) and Us Weekly happens to be one of my favorites.  In every issue they have a page devoted to a different Hollywood Star called “25 Things you Don’t Know About Me” and I always find it interesting what kind of info each celeb gives up.  So here is JennySue Makeup’s version!!

{Vivian has gotten good at posing for the camera. “Lady Danger” lipstick by MAC on me.}
1. I am an only child.  But thankfully I’ve always been told I don’t act like one- I think that’s a compliment!
2. I could eat pizza, macaroni and cheese, and cheese dip every day.
3. I met my husband at a fraternity/sorority function back in college and it was love at first sight..on my part!
4. I could listen to Christmas music all year round.
5. I have teeny bopper-like crushes on David Beckham and Adam Levine.  I think it’s the tattoos. This is no secret to my husband.
{Ladies, you’re welcome for this one.}

6.  My recent makeup crush is on Blake Lively.  She gets it right every time.
7.  My first pet was a black and white cat named Sweet Feet- she lived to be 21 years old.
8.  White wine probably makes me a better person.
9.  I don’t read books. I am not proud of this one.
10.  I wanted to be a prima ballerina like Gelsey Kirkland growing up.  I loved being on pointe shoes.

{My daughter has my old point shoes displayed in her room!}

11. I wanted to be a back up dancer for Janet Jackson once I got into college.  Notice the dance theme?
12.  I hope my little girl will love ballet dancing as much as I did.
13.  I don’t like to watch scary movies.  Being scared is not entertaining to me.
14.  My favorite movie of all time would be National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or the original Sex and the City movie.
15.  I would like to take a trip to Italy.  Probably because of the whole wine thing.
16.  If I could sing, even a little bit, I might would have pursued being a pop singer.
17.  I am missing two lower adult teeth that never came in.
18.  I tried out to be an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader but forgot the whole dance in the very last round. Needless to say, I got the boot!
19.  Me and my blog were just featured in the April issue of Atlanta Magazine.  This was a huge honor and I’m still pinching myself.

{My son Walker showing his excitement for mommy being in a magazine!}

20.  I wish my Granny were still alive to see my three children.
21.  I was co-captain of my cheerleading squad in high school.
22.  I am terrible with historical facts.  My husband quizzes me all the time and finds it amazing I can’t tell you when certain wars were fought but I can tell you what celebrity is dating who!
23.  I own more than 100 lipsticks – I’ve quit counting.
24.  I have one tattoo and want one more. A tiny one mom and dad;)
25.  I might need to add Justin Timberlake to my teeny bopper crush list!

Any of these surprise you about me??  What would others be surprised to know about you? Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!