Botani Saved My Dry Skin!

As a beauty blogger and makeup artist, one of the perks of being both is that I occasionally get treated to being sent some breakthrough skin care and beauty products.  Some products disappoint and don’t live up to the hype and then there are some that blow me away.  *Botani Australia and their olive oil and pure plant skin solution products have blown my socks off!!!

{My Botani skin savior package!}
I have super dry skin all year long.  It feels tight and dry which in turn makes me feel old and crusty whenever I look at my skin with no makeup on!  Now I’ll be honest, when I purchase a product for my face, I just want something 1. that works and 2. isn’t tested on animals- those are about my two only necessities.  Anything else is a plus!  Botani products are dedicated to using all natural ingredients that are sensitive to all skin types and are a vegan friendly solution to skin care.   Their motto is “Green Skincare for a Greener Future.”  So this company has a lot going for it, because it has all of the above descriptions, but most importantly – it worked and re hydrated my scary scaly skin!!
{My skin after 7 days of Botani usage.  I even rubbed this stuff on my lashes and neck at night!}
Now I do have on my makeup in the above picture just to be honest, but I will say, I have not needed to use my primers as often after using these products because my skin has felt so lovely and hydrated.  The two main products that showed the biggest difference in my dry skin were:
1.  Olive Skin Serum.  This product contains a high concentrated amount of “olive squalene” which apparently is key to penetrating the skin and helping it retain its moisture.  In their brochure they listed many things I agreed it did:
  •  repairs flaky skin
  • improves skin tone and texture 
  • makes skin supple  
  • The only thing I didn’t see happen was the “soften fine lines and wrinkles”- boo hoo – still looking for that product!! I rubbed this stuff all over my face (after washing) at night and in the morning before my moisturizer and let it sink in a few minutes before applying the next product.

{My happy hydrated face and neck!}
2.  Boost Balancing Moisturiser.  This moisturizer also contained the olive squalene (this stuff must be super powered!) and was very lightweight (no SPF though) and could be worn day or night.  It helped lock that serum listed above in and kept my skin feeling very soft.  The smell was a very fresh olive scent but not overpowering or greasy smelling (like cooking oil!) that I had assumed it would be.  
I give this skin care company two green thumbs up for developing a gentle and effective product!!  Have you tried any Botani products before?  What did you think? 
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*These products were sent to me by the company for consideration only.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are personally mine and honest as always.*