Copper Colored Skin For Spring

When I think copper colored skin, I immediately think a Michael Kors ad.  For example…

{Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2012 ad. 
Two very tan safari type models that I’ve seen all over my current fashion magazines.}
So with the onset of the spring/summer season, comes the excitement of sleeveless shirts, short skirts, and open toed shoes. But with all of that warm weather wardrobe also comes my pale skin anxiety.  I am ready for warm skin tones that go along with the season and I have found how to get this look immediately.  
Thank goodness the sun gods are shining down right now and that LORAC has created the ultimate liquid bronzer that has come to my pasty skin rescue – TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer ($32).  I’m going to flip the script, and show you my AFTER product pic before my BEFORE the product pic.
{After TANtalizer. Applied all the way down the neck to fool everyone that this glow is natural.}
{Before applying TANtalizer. Uneven colorless skin. Take me back to my AFTER!}
I actually found out about this product through a couple of old college girlfriends I follow on my Twitter account (many thanks @ugakerri & @cclizzie!).  Both advised me that when I was to start using this product, that I needed to use just a drop of this stuff because a little went a looong way, and boy were they right.
 {I use about a Qtip’s worth sized dot of product to mix in with my foundation or moisturizer for my whole face and neck. Yes, it’s super concentrated!!}
 {This is to show you how big this tube of product is compared to my normal foundation bottle.
I mix my LORAC with my current foundation shade, L’Oreal True Match N2}
{Here shows the stark contrast of this product and how copper and shimmery it is compared to my winter ridden skin.}
Even though this product says it’s for the body, I love using it on my face and neck as well. It truly gives my skin a healthy red carpet glow!  Note, this is NOT a self tanner, because it washes right off with soap and water when you’re ready.
{Closeup of my foundation/TANtalizer combo. No powder bronzer needed!}
Are you ready for warm weather skin?  What products give you that “I’ve just been on safari for a month” look??
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