Creamsicle Nails

With it starting to truly feel like spring time due to the warmer temps rising, so begins my urge to freshen up my beauty routine by bringing in some spring-type colors.  The easiest way to do this – new pops of color on my manicure!!

{Inspired by the old school yummy frozen treat – orange Creamsicle.}

{L’Oreal “I will!” ($6) and NYC “Times square tangerine creme.” ($3)}
{A true Creamsicle manicure would have been mainly orange w one white center nail, but I switched things up slightly!}
I cannot wait to paint all of my digits white in the coming months when my hands have a bit more of a tan to them, but in the meantime I love the look of adding a touch of orange to each hand for fun.  This new formula of polishes from L’Oreal promises 7 days of no chip wear, so we will see if it delivers but so far so good.  I’ve bought many white polishes before that looked very cheap and white-out like, but this one is rich, creamy, and sophisticated- 2 coats needed though of course!!
What color(s) are you wearing on your hands right now??