Makeup Tips For Getting Nicole Richie’s “Fashion Star” Look

I’ve been running my beauty blog for over 3 years now, and have never done a video tutorial, only still pictures…until now.  Introducing my very first JennySue Makeup VIDEO!!  After watching the premier of “Fashion Star” on NBC and seeing Nicole Richie’s gorgeous makeup, I couldn’t help myself but to think, “I know I could share a few makeup tips and products that would help everyone get a similar look!”  Disclaimer – This is not a full on reproduction of her look- I’m just hitting the highlights.

So, what did you think??? Remember, it was my first attempt, so be gentle with your comments, constructive criticism is welcome though! Ha!  If you liked it, share it with your friends, family, neighbors, whomever!!

Do you like the idea of JennySue Makeup videos or are you still a fan of still pictures only?  Let me know!!