My Favorite Makeup Moments In Spring Fashion Ad Campaigns

Ads campaigns are quick looks into exactly what’s going to be hot for the season for that brand at that moment.  Major fashion houses and their campaigns would not be complete without a beautiful hair and makeup combo – no matter how good the clothes are.  I’ve been enjoying all of my recent spring magazine subscriptions and checking out the latest trends to look forward to. But honestly, I enjoy the ads in these magazines just as much as I do the articles and other content!  Yes, I’m also that girl that loves to watch the previews before a movie begins just as much as the actual movie.

 Here are a few of my favorite makeup moments in fashion campaigns right now.

{Gucci – photographed by Mert & Marcus}
The bleached brows on these models are probably my favorite part of the makeup in these ads.  It’s not an everyday look I could pull off taking my kids to the park, unless I wanted people assuming I was an alien from outer space, but it works here.  The brows highlight the major kohl rimmed eyes and nudes lips, that would have otherwise looked completely normal and possibly boring if the brows had been left au natural.  If you want to find out how to safely lighten your brows, here’s how to at home.
{Felicity Jones for Dolce & Gabbana Khol Collection, photographed by Mert & Marcus}
This ad was for Dolce & Gabbana’s makeup line – specifically for their khol inspired eyes and nail collection.  I don’t even know who Felicity Jones is, but she sure is pretty and I once again am drawn to the dark and shimmery eyes.  Even though she is paired with major dramatic eyes AND lips (which I usually like to pick one or the other to highlight), she pulls it off and makes it look so luxe and rich.  But even with all the dark colors shown, I’m wanting the “true white” polish look for spring!!  Good thing I found this at Target today…
{L’Oreal’s nail color in “I will!”} 
This $5 polish is a bit more budget friendly for this mom of the 3 than the D & G which runs around 20 bucks a pop, even though I’m sure it’s worth every penny:)  And this bright white concept also segues into my final favorite ad campaign…
{Louis Vuitton, photographed by Steven Meisel}
This ad is the polar opposite from the other two I’ve featured in terms of color scheme.  I love love these  Louis Vuitton ads bc they look like a cheery cotton candy store with the obvious spring pastel color palette.  The bright cheeks and lips are my fave part of the look.  The prim and proper updo with tiara is also a cute touch.  And have you seen their clear LV bags, uh, to die for.  Not sure how cool they’d look with my diapers and Hot Wheels showing through though;)
What ads are catching your eye this spring?