“Orange” You Glad For Makeup

I’ve really been into the color ORANGE lately, which is no surprise if you’ve read my posts here and here.

{Orange Kalanchoe plant that’s sitting on my kitchen table.}
This plant I just adorned my kitchen with, was the main thing that inspired this post today (I can find makeup inspiration in almost anything!).  The color alone made me so happy the moment I put it in my eating area at home, that I figured, “I bet this hue would do the same thing for my face!”  I then headed to my fave site Pinterest, which you can follow me on, and low and behold, a beautiful orange inspired cheek and lip combo!

{Just the right amount of wearable orange!}

Now I wanted to create a version of this look but with a slight bit of a pinkish undertone, as I don’t personally think I look good in true orange.  So since I don’t own the perfect orange colored lipstick like “Morange” by MAC, I decided to play mixologist, and make my own pink based orange lip and cheek color with what I already had.

Here’s how I did it:
{Key items for my look}
{Left to right – MAC “Lady Danger” lipstick, TopShop “Confession,” Stila shadow pan in “Oasis” and Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless concealer in yellow/corrector color #230}
{Let the mixing begin}

{Blending on my hand, the red/orange MAC with the pink coral from TopShop}

{Create a base on bare lips first with a yellow based concealer}

{Because yellow + red = ORANGE!}

{Double whammy!}

 {Using my new pink based orange concoction high on my cheekbones AND on my lips!}

{Finished product – Now for the eyes!}

 {Used my gold Stila shadow on my lids as the perfect compliment to my orange lips/cheeks.}

{Finished Product!}

{Pay no attention to the hair- I obviously didn’t!}

I’m pretty happy with the way this homemade shade turned out.  It’s not quite as orange as it could be, but it’s wearable enough for my fair to medium skin tone.  If you have darker skin, you could probably go for a true orange and feel just as good about it!!
“Orange” you glad for makeup?!!  Do you like this idea of orange on cheeks and lips?