March 12, 2012

Rockin' The Rose Gold From Head To Toe

Rose gold, rust, copper, this new pinky golden shade can be described many ways and worn by all this spring!  I've been seeing this shade popping up everywhere from makeup, to hair color, to clothing and accessories.  It's making its metal counterparts, silver and gold, look like boring has-beens!

{Lips by Black Radiance Shimmering Color in "Copper Glow"
Cheeks by Avon Be Blushed in "Golden Rose."}

When it comes to adding this hue to your makeup palette, I feel it's pretty easy for anyone to pull off in small doses.  This is because it's the best combination of warm undertones (the gold) plus the cool undertone as well (the pink).  I chose to rock the hip new color on my cheeks and lips shown above. Both rose gold products had major gold shimmer in them so the eyes were kept more flat and neutral with a taupe shadow and dark brown liner.

{Shoes by X.Appeal.}

I also chose to purchase myself these copper flats with a little bit of bling, and you know what- they go with everything I used to wear gold shoes with!  Now I have a fun new option!!

Have you gotten into the rose gold trend?  How would you wear it?? 


The Peach said...

Rose gold is such a great color! Very wearable! Love the shoes :)

Ally Garner said...

I love this look on you! I could definitely go for the lip color, for sure. Just beautiful!

Kelly said...

Great makeup color, and those shoes are adorable!

Little Mamanista said...

How cute is your blog! I love it and love those shoes....I have some gold ones similar, but I guess I need to get the copper now! Thank you for your feet words on my blog!


PS. I need to start working on my hubby for a third I need my girl!!!! XO

Little Mamanista said...

OMG!!! I meant SWEET...I was going to erase but I figured its totally appropriate since I was commenting on a shoe post hahahah oopsies!!


JennySue said...

@thepeach- yes, the shoes are just the sparkly thing i've been looking for:)
@ally- thanks a bunch!
@kelly- adorable is good word for these shiny flats:)
@littlemamanista- so glad you stopped by!! love hearing from the other mama's out there!