Spring Break…Where’s The “Break?”

My kids have their spring break off from school this week.  When I think of spring break, I envision that I’d like to appear as carefree as Marilyn frolicking on the beach…

{Isn’t it nice to see a sex symbol whose thighs actually touch??}
Instead, spring break so far has consisted of a trip back to my hometown with the kids (no beach anywhere close by), a few temper tantrums, a little rain, and some hammer time…
{My husband introduced my boys to the art of hammering nails into things…anything}
Luckily I am aware that my vision of “spring break” has to change now that I’m a mom and that it’s truly not my spring break to celebrate, and it’s all about giving my kids a good time away from school for this week.  Even if that good time consists of some hammers and nails instead of sun and sand!
If you missed my Marilyn Monroe sultry eye liner trick, check this vintage post out.  Guess this eyeliner trick is the closest thing I’ll get to being a beach babe right now:)
What’s your favorite Spring Break memory?