How To Use The Letter “V” In Your Makeup Routine

This might seem kinda random how I’m going to go about this “how to” makeup post, but hang on to your makeup brushes and hear me out.  Ironically, I was looking through my fabulous, sometimes racy, and always very large issue of V Magazine when the most obvious and helpful makeup trick of using the letter “V” popped off the pages of models, ads, and articles.  Prepare to be AMAZED how SIMPLE this makeup trick is…

 {Sharpies instead of brushes this time to show the V stroke!}
{Side note :: My current absolute favorite spring nail color is “For Audrey” by China Glaze as shown above! A punchy Tiffany box blue shade!}
The letter V always seems to pop up somewhere on the face when I’m applying makeup on either myself or my clients.  It can actually be used in a multitude of ways, on many features on a face, and so I thought it would be neat to show you how you can use this sharp letter to your advantage in your makeup routine.  And I’m going to do it all with a Sharpie marker from the pages of my recent V magazine!  

{For shortening the forehead and highlighting the tear duct area.}
If you have a large forehead, an easy way to fake a shorter one, is to use a flat bronzer and take it down into the shape of a V from the hairline.  If you want to brighten your eyes, try using a champagne or ivory shimmer shadow right in the tear duct area, outlining that area which is already in a slight natural V shape.
 {Faking fuller lips above the cupids bow, on the upper lip, and along lower lip.}
To get a plumper looking pout, use a highlighting product with shimmer to lightly trace the upper part of your cupids bow (another natural V), then also along the actual upper and lower lips right in the center only.  Placing this shimmer in these spots creates the illusion of fullness- not flatness!

 {Apply concealer in a V shape under the eyes for the perfect amount.}
Many women apply way too much concealer around the eyes in a large circumference, which actually does more harm than good = raccoon eyes!  So to keep that from happening, apply the concealer in a V shape instead of, say, a U shape. Just keep that V shape tight and not too large to stay focused on the darkest area you’re wanting to cover.
{Sexy cat eyes with the letter V, on its side!}
The letter V can be used to create a sultry cat eye, by simply turning the V shape on its side: < or >   with the sharpest side pointing out ward from the eye.  For a simple cat eye, you can create the V by keeping the widest part of the V from your upper lash line to your crease.  Or for extra drama, keep going underneath the lower lash line and pull the pointy part of the V out a bit further than your natural outer corner of the eye.
{Shorten a long nose with a V at the tip of the nose.}
If you don’t like your long nose, you can make it look a bit shorter by adding a dark matte bronzer at the tip in a V shape as shown. Or you can use a light taupe or brown soft eyeliner (depending how dark your skin is) to make the letter V then use your finger to blend it in until it creates a slightly dark shadow.  
Something to remember – darker colors recede, which is why you can use bronzers and liners to your advantage when you want to shorten foreheads and noses.  You can use lighter colors to brighten and enlarge features, like  when using highlighter products for the eyes and making lips appear fuller.
So did you learn anything?? Do you use the letter V in your beauty routine already and just didn’t know it??