Model In A Bottle

As a makeup artist, and even as just a regular woman who wears makeup on a daily basis, my main goal once it’s applied is to get it to stay put.  Why put all of that effort into putting it on if it’s just going to fade away?  Well after a year of reading and hearing about the makeup setting spray Model in a Bottle, I figured it was time to order myself a bottle of this magic potion and put it to the test.

 {Model in a Bottle, 2oz, for $18}
Now this isn’t my first time using a makeup setting spray.  I have been using Urban Decay’s “All Nighter” for sometime now as I spoke about here.  It works pretty good and I use it on every bride and client my makeup brush touches because I want my handy work to last all day!  These setting sprays are  basically like hairspray for your face:)  The immediate difference I noticed when comparing my 2 sprays, was that the MIAB is significantly cheaper, but that’s because it’s only 2 ounces worth for $18, whereas my UD bottle is a 4 ounce bottle at $39.00. 
I took some before and after shots (like I love to do), to visually show you how the Model in a Bottle worked with keeping my face on yesterday.  I applied my full makeup at 11:45am, and did not touch up my face with anything, (which was reeallly hard to do by the way ,except for lipgloss, had to reapply that!) until I took the 2nd picture at 8:45pm that evening.  I also did NOT apply any eye lid primers or skin primers to test this stuff to the max!!
 {11:45am after applying my MIAB}
{9 hours later – 8:45pm makeup with no touch ups.}
 {Eye makeup close up at 8:45am}

{Eye makeup close up 9 hours later}
You can definitely tell that my foundation and concealer didn’t stay as matte as it looked after the initial application, and was slightly faded.  However, I did think that my eye makeup and blush color stayed about as vibrant as it did the moment I applied it.  And blush typically is the first thing to fade on my face.
I had 2 small issues with my MIAB spray since I had the Urban Decay one to compare it to: 

1.  The actual sprayer attachment didn’t spray as smoothly, gently, or as widely as my Urban Decay one does.  Its mist is a bit more direct and shocking (does that make sense??) if you don’t press down just right to give a quick squirt to make the product produce a fine mist – you could get pelted with a straight stream!
2. It smells a bit more alcohol-y than the UD one which contains aloe leaf juice to give it a more refreshing scent.  But the alcohol smell does go away, so it’s fleeting.
Overall for the price, I’m pretty impressed.  However, the $6 shipping is a bummer which you can’t get around because it’s not sold in any local stores near me.  I will definitely be using it on my upcoming brides and prom-goers but will be adding my skin and eye lid primers for extra extra staying power!  
{My newest fashion accessory – lipstick knee socks.}
This has absolutely nothing to do with makeup setting spray, but thought you’d find it entertaining to see a glimpse of the knee socks I wore during my workout this morning.  My boys gave me these for Christmas and since I’m trying to get “model-like” legs with my workout routine, why not adorn them with makeup artist appropriate socks?!   I get a kick out of these every time I put them on…literally:)
Do you wear makeup setting sprays?  How important is long wear makeup to you?