My Ever Changing Blogging Environment

I often get asked when it comes to my blogging:

  • Where do you find the time and how long does it take?
  •  Where in your home do you usually blog?

{I love this. But might would change the coffee part to wine!}

I’m sure lots of people think that I have a set schedule every day where I sit quietly with my favorite espresso, listening to relaxing music, and birds chirpping happily outside my window while I blog.  Ha, my coffee is usually with me, but cold, and has to be put in the microwave 3 or 4 times to be warmed back up bc I’ve been distracted by something/someone!  I can tell you there is one thing I know, is I don’t ever know where or what time of day I’ll be blogging.  With 3 kids and their schedules, a husband, a freelance makeup business, and a household to run on top of it all, my schedule and availability to blog changes every single day.

So yesterday I put my Instagram app on my iPhone into action to show you all where I blog during a day and what goes on around me.  This is a true representation of one day and just how many times I hop around my house with my laptop in tow because I NEVER can complete a blog in just one space!  Let’s go on a house tour…

 {My desk in our upstairs office.}
This is where I ideally like to blog, but it’s not always conducive to be upstairs away from everyone during the day.  But I love how this office decor is progressing because it’s very minimal with light grey walls, white furniture, with a splash of bright colors like red, orange, and teal.  Lots of affordable Ikea furniture in this space and we painted pieces old brown furniture white to give them new life! And I just ordered an extremely cool piece of giclee artwork for one of the walls off of, I can’t wait to show it to you after it arrives!!  

{Viv with her “laptop” in the corner of my office, blogging like mama!}
{Lounging in my hubby’s massive leather recliner.}
I love sitting in this oversized chair, however, it’s so comfortable, I tend to get a little too relaxed in it, so it’s not always the best choice for computer work. And honestly, I don’t think I ever have time to sit in it during the day when the kids are here, so this is usually a night time spot after everyone’s fast asleep.   
 {Sitting at my dining room table.}
You might notice I often like to be sitting looking through a window while I blog.  I LOVE lots of natural light and HATE being in the dark.  My blinds on my house are always open if it’s daylight.  Also, I usually need to be keeping an eye out for little boys playing golf outside on our lawn!
{My mirrored desk in our bedroom.} 
I wish I could say I usually keep real exotic flowers around my house like this one on my desk, but it’s actually fake. Good news, I can’t kill it!  Again, I must be facing out of a window!  This was my original desk I bought once I really got serious about the blog and my makeup business.  I love the leopard print chair and fancy mirrored desk, all from Pier 1 Imports.
Now here’s where the blogging gets real…kids kids and more kids!
 {Viv wanting to sit with me after her naptime in the kitchen while I answer emails.}

 {Viv getting really upset I won’t let her type responses to future brides about doing their makeup!}

{Walker deciding to get in on the action to make fun of the chaos that has ensued. 
Insert paci to keep Viv happy…and quiet!}
{I get smart and distract Vivian with Playdoh.}
I spend lots of time trying to distract children and keep them busy while I knock out emails and create blogs.  But as a mom working from home, that’s what I do best, DISTRACT!!  I’m very thankful to have them around me though.  I’d probably be pretty bored and uninspired were I blogging in a nice quiet office outside of my home just by myself with my thoughts…maybe??! Ha!!  I’ll never know.
 {My favorite coaster I put my cold coffee on in the office.
This is the type of mommy humor that keeps me going!}

{My coffee table that is always covered with my fashion and beauty magazines, crayons, 
 Cabbage Patch kids, and snacks.}
So there you have it!  A day in the life of my JennySue Makeup blog.  So to answer those top questions:
1. It sometimes takes all day to create a blog.  But it’s usually a total of a couple hours spread out throughout the day.  
2. I can literally be found blogging in 4 different rooms during a day.  Thank goodness for portable laptops.
Now here is your chance to tell me and my followers about YOUR BLOG!  I want to know when you find the time, what kind of space you blog in, and what inspires your blog concept??