April 6, 2012

Perfectly Pastel Easter

Most of my memories of Easter Sunday consist of a pastel color palette.  When I think Easter garb, robin egg blue, soft yellows, and baby pinks are what immediately come to mind.  Here are a couple "vintage" photo of yours truly and my beautiful mother from a typical Easter Sunday for your enjoyment...

 {Peach colored patterns and pearls.  We scream Easter Sunday.}

(White lace gloves and matching tights- Awesome.}

Pastels come and go as a trend, but I think they always come off as pretty and feminine in regards to makeup and fashion.  So in honor of these soft and girly shades, I have pulled some pictures, products, and accessories from long ago and current day to inspire you for this Easter weekend or just spring in general!

{Jackie O in an apricot Oleg Cassini dress and white gloves and pearls, 1962. Via

It wasn't Easter Sunday, but it sure would be the perfect look for it!  Why wouldn't we all want to emulate this well dressed First Lady??

{Princess Letizia of Spain at the Royal Wedding in 2011.} 

The Royal Wedding was known as much for the show of hats as it was for the gown Princess Kate wore.  And as you can see above, Easter Sunday was also a reason JennySue Makeup liked to wear hats!  Most of the hats I saw for the wedding were way too out there (even though I know that was probably intentional on everyones part), but Princess Letizia wore a hat that I thought was actually kinda pretty and kinda wearable.  Kinda:)

{Turquoise B Brian Atwood Bambola pump, $300.00, via}

This sexy turquoise pump from Brian Atwood's more affordable shoe collection (um, yeh, affordable for who??) would be a fun addition to any spring time outfit!  I adore the stacked sole of the shoe.

{Yellow vintage Chanel briefcase, ($4,476.00), via}

Yes, I know this briefcase is a pretty penny, but isn't it just gorgeous in this soft yellow color??  I don't have a corporate desk job, but I would totally want to tote my MacBook around in this thing just because.  Just because.  Heck, I'd just put my wallet and some lip glosses in it if someone would just buy it for me!!

{January Jones in a pastel palette with hair, makeup, and dress!}

I'm not usually a fan of the colored stripes in peoples hair, but I think January pulls off the pink stripes quite nicely.  And her pastel makeup is the perfect compliment so that the overall look isn't too garish!  I'd use L'Oreal Paris Color Riche lip gloss in soft pink to emulate this look!

{Essie "To buy or not to buy" polish, ($8), via}

I love the idea of a lilac purple manicure for Easter.  I haven't done this color yet and I think it would be a nice alternative to the boring old ballet pink nails.  Plus this shade has a hint of shimmer, which I can't resist.

{A yummy birds nest cupcake treat via}

Oh how I love the simplicity and look of this coconut and Robins Eggs chocolate candy cupcake!  I'm not a coconut fan, but this vanilla cake Easter treat sure is darling to look at!

I won't be donning a bonnet or lace gloves to church this Sunday with the family, but I'm sure I will be sporting something pastel after looking through all of my inspirations! And if you celebrate the promise of Easter, here is a Bible verse that sums up the importance of the resurrection: 

"If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you."
Romans 8:11



Samyukta ISimplyLoveMakeUp said...

awwwwww at the first pic :) your mum is so beautiful and ELEGANT!!! totally loved the way she put together her whole outfit.. classy and timeless :)
and u look so adorable as young jenny :)
Happy Easter in advance...

About Last Weekend said...

What wonderful pics of you and your glam Mum - she is really beautiful!

kapamilya_sb said...

channel briefcase is really fabulous!

Elle Sees said...

hat and gloves..totally me as a kid every easter.

LaneyGB said...

I can't get over how much like Jack looks like young Jenny Sue!!! You look so cute! I remember always getting to wear a hat on Easter Sunday and what a thrill it was!

JennySue said...

@Samyukta & Aboutlastweekend- thanks for the mom love- she is a pretty lady!
@kapamilya_sb-isn't it thought?? the color kills me it's so good.
@Elle- i know!! EVERY Easter i sported the hat and gloves.
@Laney- that's funny you see Jack in me- that's a first, but that warms my heart! yes, wearing a hat did seem to be a big deal back then. i always felt pretty cool getting to wear that accessory.

Machiaj said...

Beautiful pics, i love this look.