April 24, 2012

The Power of Fragrance

Next to a good smokey eye or red lip, applying my perfume is the next best thing to making me feel most feminine.  If I don't smell good, or even smell at all because I forgot to put on my fragrance that day, then I don't feel complete.  Forgetting to squirt my favorite fragrance is like forgetting to put on my shoes to go to the grocery store - yuck!

I thought you might enjoy seeing what my two favorite scents are I switch out between right now and what I like about them.

 {Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit & Lolita Lempicka}

Of course I own more perfume than this, but these are the two that speak to me most often and that I get the most compliments on when I wear them.  Like my makeup, I adjust my fragrance to my mood.  And if I'm in a great mood or bad one, both of these lift my spirits just by a few sprays.  

Here are the basic notes of each, with both having the main component of vanilla, which I adore.  But with vanilla, it can get tricky.  I love a subtle tone of it because it can smell so romantic and slightly sensual.  However, when overdone, you end up smelling more like a child's birthday cake with too much icing- not sensual!  

1.  Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit :: Madagascar vanilla (not sure what makes this different than regular old vanilla, but it sounds cool and exotic!) and sparkling grapefruit.  Ever since I read somewhere that when someone smells the grapefruit scent that it makes them appear "youthful" to others,  I figure I might need to start bathing in this stuff to knock off a few years.

2.  Lolita Lempicka ::  Of course vanilla and musk, with notes of ivy leaves and violet.  Hence, the violet purple colored glass bottle which is honestly one of the reasons I love this perfume! It's so pretty sitting on my vanity!  I've worn this fragrance going on 10 years now (I already mentioned it here), so I don't think I'll ever tire of it.

When I wear either of these fragrances, I feel like this girl out of the Free People lookbook from their Fall 2011 campaign...

  {Romantic, lacy, with a little bit of mystery.  Photographed in Venice, Italy. Via}

How gorgeous is this picture??? Of course I love sequins, lace, shiny hair and red lips, so I'm all about the sexy combo this model is sporting.  And if my fragrance can make me feel like I exude this kind of mystery without having to leave Georgia or having to wear a black lace mask, then spray away!!  Because let's face it, my real life looks more like this...

{Me and Vivian goofing off at home!}

Ahhh, the power of smell.  I'm always wanting to find the balance of smelling like a feminine woman but not so sicky sweet that I smell like Grandma's pound cake.  So that's why I love my two signature fragrances.  Oh, and they transport me to Venice Italy in sequins and red lips:)

What fragrance are you spraying on these days? What does your scent say about you?


Rachel said...

Both of those sound delicious!
I've been avoiding perfume since my daughter was born because I'm breastfeeding her, and I'm not sure if the smell would bother her:) But, when I was wearing it more often, my favorites were Michael Kors Very Hollywood and Chanel Chance. I also like Gucci Guilty, but I don't own it!

Anonymous said...

I have loved perfume my entire life and I have close to 20 bottles of perfume in my bathroom currently. This week I've been alternating Givenchy Organza and Organza Indecence - both are gorgeous! I also love Poeme (Lancome) and my all time favorite is Oscar de la Renta - the orignial. My sister says I'm such an "old woman", but I love the classics! Love your site- Nikki Duluth GA

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Rachel- I remember those days too and not wanting to go too heavy on the fragrance for fear it would turn my babies off from feeding!! But now, it's full on perfume since it's onto sippy cups- ha!! I love Very Hollywood, but haven't smelled Chance.
@Nikki- so funny you mention the ODLR, bc my mother in law wears that and refuses to change!! It's such a distinctive and classy smell!! You've got me beat with 20 bottles, I have around 8!

gio said...

You too look adorable!

Lolita Lempicka sounds lovely and the bottle is very pretty too. My favourite fragrance is Serpentine by Cavalli, an oriental floral scent that's beautiful and elegant.

Ally Garner said...

I'm gonna have to try the Lavanila - that sounds heavenly!

My current Spring fragrance faves are Jo Malone's Wild Bluebel, DKNY Delicious, and Tocca Giulietta. But I'm dying to get my hands on the new Chanel Cristalle!

Leslie said...

I love Jimmy Choo and Flowerbomb...these are 2 of my all-time faves!