The Power of Fragrance

Next to a good smokey eye or red lip, applying my perfume is the next best thing to making me feel most feminine.  If I don’t smell good, or even smell at all because I forgot to put on my fragrance that day, then I don’t feel complete.  Forgetting to squirt my favorite fragrance is like forgetting to put on my shoes to go to the grocery store – yuck!

I thought you might enjoy seeing what my two favorite scents are I switch out between right now and what I like about them.

 {Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit & Lolita Lempicka}
Of course I own more perfume than this, but these are the two that speak to me most often and that I get the most compliments on when I wear them.  Like my makeup, I adjust my fragrance to my mood.  And if I’m in a great mood or bad one, both of these lift my spirits just by a few sprays.  
Here are the basic notes of each, with both having the main component of vanilla, which I adore.  But with vanilla, it can get tricky.  I love a subtle tone of it because it can smell so romantic and slightly sensual.  However, when overdone, you end up smelling more like a child’s birthday cake with too much icing- not sensual!  
1.  Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit :: Madagascar vanilla (not sure what makes this different than regular old vanilla, but it sounds cool and exotic!) and sparkling grapefruit.  Ever since I read somewhere that when someone smells the grapefruit scent that it makes them appear “youthful” to others,  I figure I might need to start bathing in this stuff to knock off a few years.
2.  Lolita Lempicka ::  Of course vanilla and musk, with notes of ivy leaves and violet.  Hence, the violet purple colored glass bottle which is honestly one of the reasons I love this perfume! It’s so pretty sitting on my vanity!  I’ve worn this fragrance going on 10 years now (I already mentioned it here), so I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.
When I wear either of these fragrances, I feel like this girl out of the Free People lookbook from their Fall 2011 campaign…
  {Romantic, lacy, with a little bit of mystery.  Photographed in Venice, Italy. Via}
How gorgeous is this picture??? Of course I love sequins, lace, shiny hair and red lips, so I’m all about the sexy combo this model is sporting.  And if my fragrance can make me feel like I exude this kind of mystery without having to leave Georgia or having to wear a black lace mask, then spray away!!  Because let’s face it, my real life looks more like this…

{Me and Vivian goofing off at home!}
Ahhh, the power of smell.  I’m always wanting to find the balance of smelling like a feminine woman but not so sicky sweet that I smell like Grandma’s pound cake.  So that’s why I love my two signature fragrances.  Oh, and they transport me to Venice Italy in sequins and red lips:)
What fragrance are you spraying on these days? What does your scent say about you?