April 10, 2012

Sticker Eye Liner :: Super Idea Or Stick On Mess??

I am still really enjoying the products that I received in my Birchbox of the month, so the other day decided to try the last product in the box that I've been hesitant to use.  Most makeup looks and products don't intimidate me, but this idea really did... 

{Eye Rock designer liner tapes, $12.50}

I just kept looking at these things thinking to myself - A. there is no way these instant eyeliner tapes are going to look as good as real liquid liner, B. they can't be that easy to apply, C. no way they'll stay on 16 hrs.  So I was feeling a little adventurous after my daughter went down for her nap the other day and decided to give these things a go since I hadn't really done anything fun to my makeup that day anyway!

{Set of 4 eye liner shapes, from simple to dramatic.}

{The lash actually peels off in the shape shown, like a real sticker.}

I had a little bit of eye makeup on already this day, so I tried to wipe off as much as I could with a Qtip since it said to apply these on clean dry lids.  It probably would've been a lot easier to apply had I not already have curled my lashes and applied mascara, just FYI.   I had to trim the strip I chose a bit towards the tear duct area bc I felt the strip was just too long for my eye shape.  

 {Actually applying the strip pressing from tear duct to outer corner.}

{Comparison of sticker eye and non sticker eye!}

 {Both eyes completed.}

{View from above.  Not too shabby from this view.}

{Extreme close up of eye sticker.} 

It wouldn't stay put towards the inner tear duct and was slightly popping up, but was very secure on the outer corner of the eye.  This could be because I did have a bit of leftover makeup on before I applied and bc I had to cut the strip, who knows.  These honestly felt slightly annoying and heavy on my lid which I couldn't get used to throughout the day.  And as good as they look on camera (pretty freakin' perfect in terms of shape huh??!), I thought in person they looked obviously stuck on and not like true eye liner.  But my neighbor and hubby said it didn't look like stickers, so maybe I was being a bit too hard on the Eye Rocks!  Oh, and they peeled off very easily.

I did choose what I thought to be the tamest version of eye liner from the pack, when quite honestly once applied, is pretty dramatic in my opinion.  I'm not sure I would wear any of the other 3 out in public unless I was going to a costume party or really fancy dress up event!  Overall, if you have a large eye area and lash line, these would probably work fairly well for you.  But if your eyes are small with small lids, these are going to be way overwhelming.

So what do you think of the stick on eye liner tape idea?  Super idea or stick on mess??


Rachel said...

Glad you posted this! I got these in my Birchbox as well. I have a bachelorette party coming up this weekend and thought I might try them out, but I wondered if they would look totally fake and like stickers. Hmmm. I'm still on the fence! I'd hate to go out and have them fall off my eyelid! LOL.

Eboni said...

Thanks for this, Jenny! I was very torn about trying these. Since the come off fairly easy, it won't hurt for me to give 'em a spin one day for fun, but I am pretty sure I am gonna fall into the small eye category. LOL! They do look pretty amazing in pictures, but very dramatic.

Baby Shopaholic said...

They do look good in the pictures. I have not tried mine yet but you have motivated me!

Amy Powell said...

those are so pretty! though I could believe they're heavy to wear.

perfect in pictures for sure :)

Confessions of a Beautyholic said...

I got those in my Birchbox as well, and have yet to try them out. They look great on though so I just need to get over my prejudice of them!

JennySue said...

@Rachel, @Eboni, @BabyShopaholic, @Confessions- I can't believe how many of you have them collecting dust as well!! Ha!! I know how you feel- it took me a bit of courage to try them out for sure. But would love for you all to give them a go and let me know if you liked them or not. I gave kinda mixed reviews I know- would love to know your thoughts!
@Amy- yeh, unfortunately they do feel heavy, or atleast slightly sticky which = heavy on delicate lids!

Shannon said...

Oh so glamorous!!! I adore this.


Ashlie said...

I saw this on the Today show. I thought it to be interesting, but a little skeptical on actually trying it. I don't have the eye liner technique down yet; and I really want to do cat eyes, but if they're not comfortable, I don't think I would want to keep them on. Maybe I'll just try.

sticker printing said...

wow...awesome ! First time i am watching the eyebrow stickers!

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lew said...

i'm running a 4th of july 5k as rosie the riveter. i'd like to have some dramatic eye makeup, but i don't want it to melt all down my face while i'm running. do you think these would stay on? if not, do you have any suggestions for extremely waterproof/sweatproof eyeliner? thanks!!

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Lew- yes, I would say this would be the best way for your liner to not "run" ha! while running your race since it's a sticker not a product. My other stay put eye liner product that seriously goes no where, is WetNWild's H20 proof eye liner. It's cheap, but works.