April 27, 2012

Wonder Woman :: Real Inspiration Or Really Unrealistic

As I sit here on a typical Friday, looking through my email inbox of too many starred emails that have required a response a week ago (in addition to all of my other "duties") I'm feeling a little, okay, A LOT, overwhelmed.   But instead of boring you with my worries and concerns over what I can or can't accomplish in a 24 hour period, here's a picture of the giclee print I recently purchased off Etsy.com I'm using as inspiration to put up on my office walls...

{Lynda Carter - the original, yet fictional, Wonder Woman.
Appropriately photographed with the 1977 filter from Instagram.}

I occasionally go through these phases of just feeling completely overwhelmed by all the "priorities" and "to-do" lists in my life.  Thankfully there are articles scattered around the internet, like this one from one of my fave daily reads, A Cup Of Jo, that brings me back down to reality.  Sometimes I need to be knocked off of my "woe is me" horse, and realize that I am one person, and that all of my so called "priorities" must be prioritized by importance when it comes to myself, my business, and most important of all, my family.  I love the idea of Wonder Woman.  She exemplifies bravery, independence, and justice for all, while also being impeccably beautiful, physically fit, and well put together while doing it (remember that glossy raven hair, flawless makeup job, and tiny waist??).

I realize that the illusion of us females trying to actually BE Wonder Woman, well, that is unrealistic.  I can't always accomplish my complete to-do list in 24 hours AND get in a shower, and I need to be okay with that. And if you are like me, you put that pressure on yourself, no one else does.  Which means we have the power to take that pressure off of ourselves.

So in a sense, Wonder Woman mentality must die.  But I will enjoy having her live on my office walls for inspiration, entertainment, and pure decoration. I will try to somehow channel those feelings of having real "super powers" from my elementary school days, while I sported my Wonder Woman Underoos underneath my civilian clothes.  I think we can all consider ourselves a Wonder Woman of sorts because of the amount of tasks we juggle in a day...we just don't have the lasso to show for it...

What do you think of the Wonder Woman mentality?  Should she be a real inspiration or is she really unrealistic??   


Ally Garner said...

See I think we've confused Wonder Woman with Impossible Woman.

Impossible Woman says that we must work full time jobs, have spectacular marriages, raise perfect children, and keep a home better than June Cleaver. That imagery frankly is a prelude to failure.

Wonder Woman symbolized a strong lady who didn't always need a man, could kick ass, all while looking fabulous. She was smart, witty, funny, capable, enterprising, and kind. She loved others, fought for justice, and championed the rights of the oppressed.

Jen, you already do all of those things. You're kind & generous, are a successful entrepreneur, you're raising loving, sweet children, work hard to be a great wife and take care of your family. You serve others in your community by supporting great causes & serving in church. And judging by your dedication to P90X I'm pretty sure you could kick anybody's ass ;)

I say we should all keep Wonder Woman and lose that guilt of not being Impossible Woman!

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Ally- as always, you sure know how to brighten a girls day with your words. I do love the "impossible woman" comparison. Sooo true!! And regarding my workout routine- I am certainly giving it my best to be physically fit enough to "kick ass" if I need to!! You got me to thinking that maybe I should re-word my blog, to "Impossible Woman must die..."

Ally Garner said...

Aww, you're so welcome. Every word I wrote about you is true. You're so much like my best friends who are Wives, Moms, with Full-time careers, passion for their community, and love others. You are ALL Proverbs 31 women who are simply doing all they can to be the best that God created them to be. And that is enough. In fact I'd argue that y'all put Wonder Woman to shame - she wasn't a Wife or Mom ;)

Kudos to all you fabulous, sweet, hard-working, talented "wonder" women!!

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

I would agree with Ally. Great thoughts.

Jessica said...

She maybe be a little unrealistic, but she does remind us all that we can be strong and independent even when times are tough.

Enter to win a pair of Fantas-Eyes sunglasses!

Naturallysta said...

I love this post and agree wholeheartedly with us setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Why do we do it?! I honestly don't know but it is certainly a topic I discuss with my best friends often. I also like the allusion to "Impossible Woman" - we all need to remind ourselves of her often! x

Tessa said...

Thank you for the post! I just came to this realization previously this week (not about Wonder Woman or Impossible Woman - great comparisons!!)

I've been going through a 'funk' and as you indicated, it was all brought on by myself, and by my unrealistic expectation of time.

I'm so glad I'm not alone - thank you for sharing!!

Tessa @ The Diary of a Working Mother

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@LeighPowellHines- doesn't Ally have the best way with words?? I'm with you in being in total agreement with her perspective on this WW.

@Jessica- Amen sister

@Naturallysta- I know, why do we do it?? I guess it's ok to strive for, but we shouldn't punish ourselves if we can't be brave and strong and accomplish our to do lists ALL the time!

@Tessa-so glad this post came at you at a good time- I get in a "funk" ever so often as well, but we just have to remember we have the power to mentally snap out of it! Although, I'm known for being the queen of throwing myself "pity parties" when things get too tough-ha! You ARE NOT ALONE if there is any comfort in that Tessa:)