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Every once in awhile, I get approached by another fellow blogger (bonus – fellow southern belle!) who I just thank my lucky social media stars for!  I am proud to share a fun entertainment post done by the fabulous Emily Loftiss of who is from the South, has been a real life Radio City Rockette (gah, I would DIE to have been one!), and now calls the big city of NYC home.  

Today she is sharing with us her most recent brush with a celebrity filled event held in New York hosted by the Robin Hood Foundation. It’s fun living vicariously through people like Emily and her blog, while also seeing the great things Hollywood can do with their celebrity status and pocketbooks!  Check this out – take it away Emily!

“Loftiss Says “Robin Hood Foundation + Rihanna?!?!”

One of the best things about living in New York City is having the opportunity to attend incredible events.  Like I’ve always said, I’ve very passionate about many things: Dance, the color orange, great bronzer, animals, and giving time and energy to charities. I had the extreme honor to attend the Robin Hood Foundation Event on Monday.  

{Holla! Can’t wait to see Rihanna!}

My darling friend Jasmin, whom I’ve known since college days at Bama, now works for this organization and reached out to me with a ticket.  The Robin Hood Foundation mission: To fight poverty in NYC.  It was a star studded event with everyone from Martha Stewart, Tiki Barber,The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, Kate Upton, Tyra Banks, Michael J Fox, Deepak Chopra, Chelsea Clinton to many many more. 

{My dates!  Amber & Janine}

At the end of the night the organization raised $60 million!!!!! Then to make the night even more of a success there was a private concert by Rihanna. Yes…this happend. And I was there.

{Jas being very professional and important. Obviously- she has a headset.}

{Rihanna sporting an egyptian makeup look and ensemble!}

You can catch a glimpse of Rihanna’s performance and creative makeup job in this video clip from the evening here.

{Having an absolute BALL!}

What an awesome night. Not only did I get to rock out to Rihanna but this night raised around $60 million to fight poverty in NYC. Again, I am honored to be a Southern Belle turned New Yorker. I left with my heart being happy because not only did we dance the night away but we made a difference in the world. Thank you Robin Hood Foundation for everything you do! (link Robin Hood Foundation-

Big thanks to Emily for sharing such a fun and entertaining post!  Y’all definitely need to check out her blog as it’s full of other celeb filled events she has attended, plus beauty and style posts galore. 

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