How To Get Julianne Hough’s Makeup Look From The 2012 Billboard Music Awards

The best part about awards shows are not actually who gets what award, but who looks the best walking the red carpet.  Who really remembers who won Best Video at the Grammy’s in 2000?? Probably not many of us. But we ALL remember Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress cut down to there along with her date P. Diddy!!  Well luckily for Julianne Hough, she had one of the most memorable and prettiest makeup looks of the night at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in my opinion.

{Julianne on the red carpet via.}
When I saw her, I thought, this would be a simple and approachable look any one could pull off.  And y’all know how much I like approachable makeup looks! It actually takes very few products and techniques to create. She and I are complete polar opposites in many ways – her ridiculous body, sparkling blue eyes, and blonde mane, but despite all those things, I can still rock out her color palette just as easily…Ha!!  
{JennySue in my bathroom on white bath mats.}
Products used:
  • Eyes – Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, matte ivory shadow, Urban Decay Naked Palette, black eye liner, Stila kajal liner in “topaz,” black mascara.
  • Skin & Cheeks – L’Oreal True Match foundation in N2 (this is for my skin tone, not hers!), matte bronzer, Sonia Kashuk blush in “flamingo.”
  • Lips – L’Oreal Infallible lip gloss in “bloom.” 

 {Eye closeup.}

{My 6 year old pointing out your 1st two colors to apply!}

Eyes first.  Cover your whole eye lid with your lid primer followed by your matte ivory or cream shadow as well from lash line to brow.  Next, take a small shadow brush and mix together “virgin” and “sin” (both champagne type shimmers) from the Naked palette and apply from lash line to crease and in the tear duct area.

{Your 2nd two colors to use.}

Next take the color “smog”(bronze) and work just in the crease area in a sideways V shape like I showed in this V tutorial.  Connect it from lash line to the crease.  Then, mix both “smog” and “half baked” (a gold shadow) together, and with a small fine tipped brush, sweep along the complete lower lash line.

{Last shade to use for eyes.}
End by adding black eye liner starting just from the center of the upper lash line towards the outside of the eye with a slightly winged look.  Add color “creep” (a soft black with shimmer) along that liner to smudge it and pull it out to follow on top of the liner.  Line the inner waterline of the lower lash line with the Stila “topaz” liner to make whites of eyes appear water.  Finish with two coats of black mascara on upper and lower lash line. 

 {Light pink is key for getting matching cheeks and lips.}

Skin and Cheeks next.  I used my L’Oreal foundation all over then applied my bronzer around the perimeter of my face and in the hair line.  Don’t use in the center of the face or tzone as it makes you look too muddy for this look.  Use the “flamingo” blush in small circles right on the apples of the cheeks for that youthful fresh faced look!

Last but not least, Lips!  This is the simple part- just sweep on a coat or two of this L’Oreal Infallible gloss in “bloom” (sheer true pink with a hint of shimmer in it) to get a pretty understated lip.  Lip liner would be too fussy!

How easy was that??  A look I’m sure Ryan Seacrest would be impressed by.

Who was your favorite face at the Billboard Music Awards this year?