How To Use Two Shades Of Eye Liner For Brighter Eyes

I am thankful for eyeliner.  Why? Because it immediately makes ones lash line look fuller, no matter what color you use.  For those of you who think that you can’t wear two colors of eye liner together in one look, think again.  It can actually be a very wearable combination if you pick the right shade combination to make your eyes appear bigger and more noticeable. 

 {My AFTER, with black liner on top, brown liner on bottom.}
{My BEFORE, no eye liner.}
TIP : If you love the look of eyeliner on both lash lines, but feel the same color looks too harsh, try using a darker color onTOP and a lighter shade on the BOTTOM.
I chose to go more neutral (black and light brown) with my color choice duo. My two liners used are,  L’Oreal Infallible eye liner in carbon black ($8) and Avon Glimmersticks waterproof liner in copper ($7).  I also used Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume mascara in two colors as well, black mascara on top and a brown mascara on the lower lashes.

 {1. Just shadow and one coat of mascara applied.}

 {2.  Get your liners as close to lash line as possible. 
Flick liner up slightly up at the end on upper lash line.}
3.  In between the black and brown liners and additional mascara coats, add a white or flesh colored liner along the lower waterline for whiter eyes, like Stila’s kajal liner in “topaz” ($18).
4.  After applying the brown along on the lower lash line, use your pinky finger to smudge it underneath to make it appear soft and more natural.
{5.  Finish with black mascara shade on upper lashes, 
then matching brown mascara on lower.}
{Ta Da! Wearable liner all around!}
You don’t have to just stick with neutrals like black and brown to make this idea work.  This concept of wearing a darker liner on top with a lighter color on the lower works for any color scheme:
~ Use a navy blue on top with a light grey on bottom, or 
~ A forest green liner on top with a taupe liner underneath, or
~  try a deep charcoal on top with a lavender liner on bottom.
The color combos are endless and very wearable!! 

Would you try wearing two colors of eye liner in one look??