May 21, 2012

I Made The Pages Of Allure Magazine

There are very few moments in life that would cause me have an inner high pitched scream of excitement!  But this weekend I had one of those moments when I ripped off the celophane from my June issue of a magazine I've been a subscriber to for 10+ years.   I am still pinching myself that my  tiny head shot is printed inside the pages of one of the most highly respected fashion and beauty magazines out there...Allure Magazine!!!!  Whaatt??!

{Is this an excited face or what?!}

Now of course it would be cool if they had actually written an article on yours truly or hired me to do makeup for their cover model or an inside editorial shoot, but alas, one can't be too greedy.  So, I'll take them just publishing my little ole tweet and profile picture...

{Page 34 at the bottom to be exact ladies and gentlemen.}

This might not seem like a super big deal to some, but to me, Allure Magazine is like the Bible for beauty and style fanatics.  I believe and trust pretty much everything they print.  So for them to reach out to me to see if it was "okay" for them to publish one of my tweets in their magazine, well, OF COURSE IT WAS!!  Honestly, if it weren't for Twitter, someone at the this highly regarded magazine would never even known about a mommy with a makeup problem in Georgia.  Thank goodness for the wonderful world of social media!  I have never been included in any sort of magazine before in my life, but now it's been two months in a row, last April in Atlanta Magazine and now Allure Magazine.  I'm seriously pinching myself and have been honored by everything.  This type of publicity is priceless for a working makeup artist and mom like myself!  

In addition to the magazine love, I just have to share some recent pictures of two beautiful ladies I have had the pleasure of working with.  My makeup business IS one of the main reasons I started this blog you know!!  The first picture is of my friend and bride, Bailey, whose makeup I did the day I got my magazine in the mail - hence the same hat and shirt look:)  Bailey went for a retro 1940's vibe with the wavy hair, red lips, and thick lash line combo.  

 {Her lip look is a combo of :
 Palladio lip ink in "rose," MAC "lady danger," and L'Oreal Infallible gloss in "fiery."

This second photo is of a singer/songwriter I worked with a few months ago, Bobbi J. Wilson, who is putting out her very first album soon and I just got some of the shots from our work together.  We went for an old school Hollywood glam look, think Sophia Loren, again really focusing on the eyes and lash line with winged liner and sculpted cheekbones.  This is just one of many beautiful shots taken from which her album cover will be chosen.  I love the use of black and white photography - it really sets the mood for her look.

{Photo courtesy of Jason Thrasher Photography.}

It's faces like these that I get the opportunity to work with, that make my job feel so un-job like!  I get to work with the neatest people and on the coolest projects, and do it all with a makeup brush!!  This is my chance to thank all of my past clients for allowing me the opportunity to work with them.  So thank you thank you to you all - every single one of you has a special place in my heart.


LaneyGB said...

Shut up!!!!!!!! Once again I'll need an autographed issue!!!!! So proud of you! I think jennysuemakeup is also responsible for creating THIS mommy to have a makeup problem (& maxing out my cc). There are much worse things to be addicted to than makeup though, right?!

The Peach said...

I saw that in Allure and was like "Hey, I 'know' her!" How exciting! I'm excited for you! The brides makeup looks beautiful!

Little Parisienne said...

Yeahh!! So proud of you (i'm a big fan of Allure as well even though it's quite difficult to find it here in Paris -always 1 month late and 3 times more expensive than in the US)!
Congrats and I am sure your blog will gain even more recognition!!!!
You deserve it so much!!!

Ally Garner said...

Holy cow that is incredible!! Congrats doll!! Wow, Atlanta Mag and now Allure?! So fantastic! I hope lots of Ladies flock to you space and discover what we already know - you're an amazingly talented Makeup Artist that deserves some national exposure! :)

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Laney- I know, shut up was exactly what I said to myself when I saw it! Yes, things could be worse than a makeup addiction:)
@ThePeach- Yes! You do know me!! That's the beautiful thing about the blogging world- we all do kinda know each other!
@LittleParisienne- Thank you so very much, but what a bummer it is that much more $$ in Paris?? I appreciate the kind words.
@Ally-You're the best, thanks for the big congrats. Even though it was just a published tweet, I'm still shocked my name and pic was even in their publication I've admired so long!

Amy Covell said...

I'm so proud of you! We've always known how talented you the rest of the world is taking notice! Congrats - all of your good fortune & great press is well deserved!

Mrs.Makeup said...

That is super exciting! Congrats girlie

duvydawg said...
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Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

Congrats. That's exciting.

Sadia said...

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