Multi Levels Of Celebrity Makeup

I find it very interesting in Hollywood what levels of makeup certain stars are comfortable with on the red carpet.  Here’s a look at a few famous faces and various levels of makeup generally worn by each.  

{Tilda Swinton via}
{Giselle Bundchen via}
{Halle Berry via}
{Jennifer Aniston via}
{Katy Perry via}
{Kim Kardashian}

Of course these are all generalizations and my personal opinion.  I know each one of these ladies probably ramps it up more at times or plays it down at other times, but this is how I would personally categorize their makeup levels from what I’ve seen of each on TV and in the magazines.  If I had Giselle’s cheekbones and lips, I’d probably not bother with as much makeup either!!
Wait…no, applying makeup is too much fun for me to go au natural!! Ha!!

And just for fun, here’s a makeup look that I’m not even sure how to categorize.  Gonna leave this one up to you to describe…

{Lynn Yaeger via.} 
{Fashion contributor and writer for Vogue…hmmm.}

What level of makeup and celebrity look is your favorite?  What category do you fall into on a daily basis?

*Confession – mine is always moderate during the week and sometimes maximum on the weekends!  Rarely do I fit into the minimum category:)*