5 Simple Makeup Tricks To Awaken Your Face

I know you all probably get tired of always hearing how tired I am as a mom of 3.  But honestly, being tired but not wanting to look it, is what drives me to keep blogging about makeup.  Makeup provides instant gratification in hiding the tired factor.  So since my beloved toddler has decided she wants to start waking up at 6:15am every morning instead of her usual 7:30 or 8am (doesn’t she realize it’s summertime = sleep in??), tired is prominent on my face.  In these pictures, I’m faking awake through makeup…

 {My non-tired awake face!}
I’m going to share with you 5 simple ways to use makeup and beauty tricks to your advantage on your most tired of days.  I guess you could say these are “ways to wake up your face!!”

 {#1.  Use an eyelash curler. Mine by MAC ($16)}
This picture is misleading because it looks like I’m curling them after I’ve applied mascara – don’t do that.  Always squeeze on bare lashes, then apply your mascara.  Curled upward lashes give the subtle illusion of a more awake eye.  I do this step every single day…it’s a highly underused trick:) 

{#2.  Concealer and gold shimmer are your friends.}
Everyone could use a little bit of concealer.  I’d suggest using this over foundation if you just really don’t have time for both.  Best places to spot treat are under the eyes, around the sides of the nose, and around the sides of the mouth.  My new favorite one is Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer ($8) in “buff chamois.”  It’s thick enough to truly cover dark circles along with a luminous quality for brightening – dare I compare it to the cult pricey YSL Touche Eclat??  Also a bit of gold shimmer along the lash line and tear duct can’t hurt to warm up a tired eye.  Mine is by bareMinerals eye glimmer in “true gold” ($18).

 {#3.  A finishing powder helps a ruddy complexion.}
For finishing powders, I switch off between my loose Make Up For Ever Finishing powder and the one shown in the picture above by MAC, Prep & Prime compact translucent finishing powder ($23).  I use just a light dusting of this product after all of the makeup is complete, just to well, “finish it off” and diffuse any fine lines, wrinkles, and ruddiness left in the skin.  It takes shine out of the skin to create a flawless finish. 
*Tip: Don’t use too much though, or it can sometimes show up very white in flash photography.*

{#4.  A bright lipstick is a face booster!}
A bright lipstick, whether it’s red, orange, or pink, can brighten my day and attitude immediately.  This one was sent to me by Pouts & Winks in shade “posie,” ($12.50).  Shockingly colorful lipsticks are a summer staple in my makeup routine and can pull a look together immediately even when you have little time for other makeup.

{#5. If you’re feeling spunky, try a bold eyeliner!}
The combo of red lips + bold liner could be a bit much for some faces, but I figured I would share it anyway!  I love to add a colored eye liner to wake up my look – no ho hum browns or blacks here.  My gel liner is by Radiant Cosmetics in “peacock” ($18) and is seriously one of my can’t live without colors for this season. I always feel so cool in these hot summer months wearing this shade.
*Tip:  If you use a liner that is completely opposite from your natural eye color (think purple liner with green eyes, pure gold liner with blue eyes, brown eyes can get away with anything from electric blue to emerald greens), it immediately puts focus and brightens up that eye color.*
There you have it, my top tricks for faking an awake face! 
What tricks do you have up your sleeve for looking alive through makeup??