Awesomely Bright Summer Manicure

Nails are by far one of the easiest, and safest, ways to dabble in the whole bright trend.  If you get nervous about sporting the neons, turquoise, or fuschia’s in your makeup routine, then why not give it a try on your manicure??  I decided to use my bright polish resources and channel my inner rainbow friend, Mr. Roy G Biv.

{A color for every nail!}
A little elementary school reminder of what ROY G BIV stands for :: 
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  
The colors of the rainbow in their correct order of appearance. Ok, moving on.

{Thank you to my 6 yr old son for the artsy-type picture in the lawn:)}
 {Ramping up the bright trend with a blingy knuckle ring. An oldie from Charlotte Russe.} 

{My 5 finger colors in order of their appearance on each hand.}
Here is the breakdown of my awesome rainbow inspired manicure from finger one to five, which I repeated on the second hand.  1.  Red – Sephora by OPI in “high maintenance” 2. Orange – NYC Long Wearing in “times square tangerine cream” 3.,4, and 5 all by China Glaze – neon yellow, “celtic sun” blue, “for audrey” and violet “spontaneous.”
I got lots of props from my 1.5 year old daughter with this Rainbow Brite look.  She is constantly pointing at my nails and looking up at me like, “uh, I want that on my hands!!”  Brights will get your hands noticed for sure. It’s probably not the most appropriate choice for lawyers or accountant types…but if that’s you, maybe you could save the bright mani for the weekend;)
What do you think about channeling the rainbow on your manicure??