Links From The Week

It has been one nutty-crazy-busy-week here in my household.  But then again, when is it not nutty crazy?!   It’s weeks like this, that I like to look back at this iMovie my hubby created of our beach vacation a few weeks ago and daydream of being back lounging in the sand.  I wish I could click my flip flops and be back in Paradise!  Enjoy this look into my family vaca then check out some super duper links below after the movie.

Since it’s obvious I like thinking about past events, here are a few links, looks, and things from around the web I’ve enjoyed checking out over the past week…

1.  White House Barbie in wedges.  (I personally prefer her staple stiletto look!)

2.  My inner teenager wants to see Katy’s movie.

3.  Cheeto colored nails. Yum.

4.  One of the best in depth smokey eye tutorials I’ve ever seen.

5.  Jennifer Aniston’s all time favorite lip liner.

6.  Cute ways to decorate a table for the 4th Tori Spelling style.

7.  PHD level of eye liner placement.

8.  Best quote of the week.

How would you describe your past week – crazy/nutty or relaxing/calm??