Summer Hair Inspirations

I feel like summer is the perfect time to have FUN with your hair and makeup, and to keep things as un-fussy as possible- if that’s an actual word:)  So with the weekend upon us (and aren’t the weekends always considered more fun than the work week??) here are a few hair inspirations for every length.

Long Haired Ladies

1.  Halo Braid.


2. Wrapped Pony.

3. Beach Waves.  


4.  Just For Fun!  Chalk Colored tips.

{Works best on blondes typically.  
Unfortunately it’s hard to show up on raven haired ladies like myself.}

Short Haired Ladies

1. Bouncy Bob.

2.  Retro Waves.

3.  Hair Accessories.  

4.  Head Scarf.

I’m going to personally go for the halo braid for this Father’s Day weekend.  And don’t forget to shield your locks and hair color with a hair sunscreen like I talked about here since most of us are outside enjoying the summer sun!!

Which one of these styles tickles your fancy?