Behind The Scenes With PRIMP

If you haven’t heard, I have been brought on board to be an official “Power Primper” with the new revolutionary beauty app, PRIMP, Pretty in My Pocket.  This app is like having a makeup artist or beauty expert in your pocket as you scour the aisles of any store that sells beauty products – from Target to Sephora – it simplifies your shopping experience.  It’s a pretty amazing concept and I’m super excited to be a part of it.   And yesterday I got asked to be “behind the scenes” during the making of a video for this newest app…

 {Me taking instructions as being directed.}

{Just act natural…not as easy as it sounds!}

 {A little hydration (and calming of nerves) needed during shooting.}

{Lights, camera, action!}

 {Having a little fun touching up gorgeous PRIMP employee Hayden!}

{You can’t put me in a store like Woo and not expect me to dabble in the merchandise!}
{A little PRIMP fairy hooked me up with this YSL beauty I spoke on here.}
After hours of filming, taking and re-taking, I hope they got the footage that they needed for this video explaining how to use this app.  One thing I know, a Hollywood actress I will never make. Acting or even memorizing a few easy to remember lines, isn’t as easy as it sounds and is super intimidating when cameras and microphones are surrounding you!! But it was such a neat experience and I cannot wait to see the finished product.  Thanks to chic beauty super store Woo in Atlanta, for allowing us in their amazing space!! If you want a great intimate setting with expert advice on great cosmetic and skin care lines such as Smashbox, Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown, YSL, etc, stop in their doors!! 
Make sure you to go download this app PRONTO off of the Apple app store – you won’t be disappointed.  You can follow yours truly (under JennySue Makeup of course) to see what all products I have reviewed, which ones I highly recommend (in My Bag), and even follow your friends or other bloggers to see what they think about specific products from the thousands in their database. It’s even got a barcode scanning option which is so fun to use while in store somewhere to search products!!  
Do you get nervous being in front of a camera or is it just me?? Also let me know if you go download this app (it’s free-why wouldn’t you??) and what you think!!