Best In Show Concealer

I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I find a beauty product that combines the performance you would expect from a high end department store brand but has a beer budget price tag.  Thank you Maybelline for creating the following product….

{My happy, well concealed, under eye circles.}
 {The magic wand – Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, $8. }

I first mentioned it here, 5 Simple Makeup Tricks To Awaken Your Face, but felt it needed a bit more time in the spotlight.  As a makeup artist, I almost always use a concealing product to hide dark circles and redness on a face, but then end up adding a luminizer or highlighting product on top to brighten those areas up.  This click pen combines the best of both worlds!  I love a good comparison shot, so here is one below…

 {My right under eye is bare, and the left one has the concealer applied.}
 {The click up nature of this product makes it easy to apply where you need it.}

{I even used it to brighten up the redness around my mouth.}
And yes, it was even good enough to cover that ugly spot on my chin.  Sorry for that graphic shot – but blemishes are a fact of life.
{Finished Face – applied under eyes, around nose and mouth.}
My color choice was “buff” which I got right the first time, kinda lucked out on that one.  Here are my personal pros and cons on this product:
  • It’s only 8 bucks.
  • It’s thick enough you only need very little product to go a long way.
  • It has a very subtle luminizing quality to it, but not too extreme.
  • The click pen applicator makes it easy to apply and see how much product is left.

  • I honestly can’t think of one performance wise, except that “honey” is the darkest shade, and there are definitely darker complexions out there that need concealing.
I’m comfortable in labeling this product, my “Best In Show” concealer of the year so far.  I use concealer every single day, so I will no doubt be stocking up on this stuff.
Have you tried Maybelline’s Dream Lumi concealer yet?  How important is concealer in your everyday makeup routine?

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