July 6, 2012

Best In Show Concealer

I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I find a beauty product that combines the performance you would expect from a high end department store brand but has a beer budget price tag.  Thank you Maybelline for creating the following product....

{My happy, well concealed, under eye circles.}

 {The magic wand - Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, $8. }

I first mentioned it here, 5 Simple Makeup Tricks To Awaken Your Face, but felt it needed a bit more time in the spotlight.  As a makeup artist, I almost always use a concealing product to hide dark circles and redness on a face, but then end up adding a luminizer or highlighting product on top to brighten those areas up.  This click pen combines the best of both worlds!  I love a good comparison shot, so here is one below...

 {My right under eye is bare, and the left one has the concealer applied.}

 {The click up nature of this product makes it easy to apply where you need it.}

{I even used it to brighten up the redness around my mouth.}

And yes, it was even good enough to cover that ugly spot on my chin.  Sorry for that graphic shot - but blemishes are a fact of life.

{Finished Face - applied under eyes, around nose and mouth.}

My color choice was "buff" which I got right the first time, kinda lucked out on that one.  Here are my personal pros and cons on this product:

  • It's only 8 bucks.
  • It's thick enough you only need very little product to go a long way.
  • It has a very subtle luminizing quality to it, but not too extreme.
  • The click pen applicator makes it easy to apply and see how much product is left.

  • I honestly can't think of one performance wise, except that "honey" is the darkest shade, and there are definitely darker complexions out there that need concealing.
I'm comfortable in labeling this product, my "Best In Show" concealer of the year so far.  I use concealer every single day, so I will no doubt be stocking up on this stuff.

Have you tried Maybelline's Dream Lumi concealer yet?  How important is concealer in your everyday makeup routine?

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Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

Awesome tip. Thank you.

Rachel said...

Can't wait to try this! Currently I'm using Maybelline's Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles...and I swear by it! My eyes would be very scary without it!:)

Vanessa said...

Can I just take a second to gush over your blog?! I love when I see I have new posts from you in my google reader, you are my favorite make-up blog BY FAR! You are always so sweet and positive, yet give down to earth, REALISTIC make-up advice!

This concealer looks great, I will have to pick some up today! By the way, can I ask what foundation you are wearing here? Your skin looks A-mazing!

Anonymous said...

i have recently been loving this concealer too! it's awesome for concealing undereyes! sometimes tho i catch it settling into my fine lines under my eyes (only happens sometimes which is weird) any tips to prevent this?
-alex :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your nail polish! What color/brand is it and where can I get it???!!

---Brandy xoxo

Botox NYC said...

It is very fine. I am not be able to wait for this. I want to use this now. Really!

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Rachel- wouldn't we all be scary without concealer:)

@Vanessa- WOW!! Thanks for the gushing lady!! I am truly touched by such sweet words and I hope to keep giving you realistic (yet entertaining!) makeup advice and opinions. I like being genuine with my readers like you and it honestly makes creating these posts easier:) My foundation is LOreal True Match foundation in N3. It's the bomb- I even use this formula on all my clients. Thank you thank you for this comment- it made my day for real.

@Alex- apply a nightly eye cream every night to help plump up the area, and also use a skin primer before applying foundation and concealer. Primer helps fill in the tiny lines/wrinkles before applying color.

@Brandy- love love my nail color too!! Thanks girl! It's China Glaze in "For Audrey." It's a Tiffany box blue.

LookbookUnlimited said...

nice post, thank you :) I never like any concealer till now. they always look weird on my face :S I'll try this one and let's see what will happen :)


Couture Carrie said...

Fab review, darling!
You look lovely!


Lex said...

I am a huge fan, too, and love that you take the time to answer your reader's comments! You are the first blog I've come across that had the perfect blend of technique, product reviews. I like that you spread the word about drugstore products as great products in and of themselves, and not just passable versions of their higher-end counterparts. Btw, what blush and lip products are you wearing in this post?

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@lookbookunlimited, give this one a try, I can almost guarantee you'll be a fan!
@CoutureCarrie- thanx bunches -loved your blog btw!
@Lex- well thank you so much for those extremely kind words!! I am glad you like my drugstore choices, bc as you know, my 3 little ones are expensive so mama has to make budget cuts some places-ha!! My cheeks are by Maybelline Bouncy Blush in "peach satin" and Stila lip glaze in "papaya." Thanx again for keeping up w my blog- it means a lot Lex!

yessie said...

Just started my twitter yesterday! I'm new but will try and find you!
I'm @cinnamonandzoeykisses!

Lainey of BelleBeauty said...

Do you think this concealer is better than Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless? I need a new concealer and can't decide which one to get.

Amz said...

I will give this one a try as concealer is a major part of my routine x
check out my blog it is new

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Lainey- yes, I would go for this Dream Lumi for sure!! Let me know how you like it!

Anonymous said...

Hello, ive been eyeing this concealer for sometime now but since its luminating, im afraid it might be too sparkly or glittery. Have you had any problems with that? Also, when I apply highlighters high end or drug store, they seem to look oily after some time. IS this a problem for you as well?

Lainey @ The Belle Beauty Blog said...

I finally got this and i have one word: WOW. I've been layering it over my regular under-eye concealer, and it's like magic!


Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@anonymous - this product is def not too glittery/sparkly, just illuminating in the subtlest way! yes, highlighters should be used sparingly as they can make you look oily/greasy if you use too much and in too many places on your face. best options are right above the cheekbones and inside the tear duct eye area, just to be on the safe side!