Whose Beauty Advice Do You Trust The Most?

When you decide to buy or purchase a beauty product or even try out a new makeup look, WHO or WHAT is it that INFLUENCES you to go ahead and throw down the credit card or paint the product on?

{Besties Blair & Serena.  Do they really trust each others advice??}
I find this to be an extremely thought provoking question, because when I thought about this myself, I found my answer to be a combination of things.  Personally, there are 3 main things that drive me to make a beauty decision:
#1.  I read a ton of beauty and fashion magazines which I find to be one of my favorite resources. I know that most magazine beauty editors get brand new products sent to their offices before the general public does (you and me) and try them out in order to give their readers an honest opinion.  Honesty is what keeps me coming back to renewing my subscriptions right- why would they lie to me??  If a magazine really pushes a product and I can tell by the writing that the contributor truly loves a product or it looks beautiful on the model in the feature, then I usually can’t resist going out and trying it for myself.
#2.  Other beauty blogs – shocker, right?  I find the blogs that I personally love and follow, are the most genuine and honest ones.  They aren’t trying to be fancy, put on a front that they are a know it all about whatever it is they are blogging about, or taking bribes (payment) from the companies that send them products.  Again, that’s why I keep coming back to these blog sites because I trust their opinions and usually I feel some sort of personal connection.
#3.  It always comes back to trust, so who better to trust than friends and family?  My mom loves to buy beauty products as much as I do, and I always know that if she loves something she’ll tell me.  Of course she understands my budget as a mom of 3, and would never suggest something to me if it wasn’t worth the money.  The same thing goes for my girlfriends, especially the ones who love makeup as much as I do.  Friends look out for other friends faces.  If I try a wacky new powder blue eye makeup look, they’ll be the ones who either tell me that I should rock that look more often, or maybe leave it to the 5 year olds in the ballet recital.  
You know what is not a main factor to drive me to buy a product – a celebrity endorsed ad.  I used to think maybe they were a big influence, but I now know that they aren’t the ones who make me pull the trigger on buying something.  You know why…because they’re getting PAID to say they like a product.  On the flip side, if I see them wearing a cute new lip color or interesting eye liner look in a paparazzi shot in a celeb mag, then I’m not afraid to try it on myself.  
Now I pose this question over to you – WHOSE BEAUTY ADVICE DO YOU TRUST THE MOST?
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