August 14, 2012

Basic Makeup Guidelines For Every Age

Let me preface this blog posting by saying, there are no hard RULES in makeup application, only soft GUIDELINES.  Not every makeup artist tip, trick, color, and product work for every single face.  That's the beauty of individuality.  But whenever I do teach women the art of basic makeup application, whatever their age, there are some universal tips that can help every face become a better version of their natural self.  From 25 to 52...

{25 year old Blake Lively.}

{52 year old Marcia Gay Harden via}

Here is also a mother and daughter duo from a wedding I recently worked to also show you real before and after examples of different aged women where I utilized some of the same guidelines on both ages.

 {Mother of the bride - Makeup by ME!}

{Beautiful bride Kayla - Makeup by ME!}

SEE!! You CAN use some of the same makeup tricks to enhance facial features for every age!  
*I've also attached links to more in depth posts I've done on each feature* 

1.  BROWS.  Keep them groomed and full as possible.  If you have to fill them in slightly with a colored brow wax or powder (easier to fake a fuller brow than using a pencil), do so.  Here's a YouTube video I did on my everyday brow routine and how even a small amount of brow attention makes a big difference. 

2.  EYES.  You don't necessarily need a lot of color in your shadow choices, but using a warm neutral color like a light copper brown with a slight shimmer, can do wonders to highlight any eye color.  Don't forget the eye liner either - using two different shades of liner is one of my fave tricks.  Of course a couple coats of black mascara on the upper AND lower lash lines fakes the feminine look of youthful full lashes.  And if you have time, use a champagne colored shadow (I like this one) to highlight the inner tear ducts to make eyes sparkle.

3.  SKIN.  If you have blotchy uneven skin tone, you'll need a skin primer + liquid foundation combo like I used on this beauty pageant contestant here.  If you have decent skin tone and don't need much coverage, you could try one of the newest BB Creams (this is my fave) on the market that are an all in one type product.  And EVERYONE could use a bit of concealer, to hide dark circle or treat blemishes - two of the biggest things that can ruin a face.  Here are my best steps for concealer application. Lastly, don't forget what blush can do for you!!! 

4.  LIPS.  If you have thin and aging lips - stay away from the dark matte lip color shades.  Go for a sheer colored gloss that gives the illusion of plumper and more youthful lips.  Stick with shades with a bit of pink or rose to it to put actual color back into the lips.  Of course these guidelines also apply to younger women - just check out how fresh faced Marcia and Blake look both look wearing sheer glosses!  These sheer glosses by Stila are great examples.

I want to hear from everyone on this one - First, what age are you (if you're willing to admit!) and do you follow these basic guidelines?  Are there any that I'm missing??


mum2matty said...

What gloss did you apply on the bride? Gorgeous!

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@mum2matty- She has on a pink lip stain along with L'Oreal Infallible gloss in "blush." Thanks!

Kathy S said...

I'm 34 and use all your tips! I am amazed at the how much filling in the brows makes a difference. I also just bought and love Benefit Erase Paste, the best concealer. That also makes a huge difference. I forgot about the two different eyeliner trick, I am going to try that out next!

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@KathyS - Oh that's so great to hear!! The erase paste is the bomb, I agree. I would have to say, the brows are a great start to achieving a pulled together face. Glad you're loving all the tips and love the comments.

Lori said...

Hey, Jennifer - met you at your Best Face Forward show (I'm the one who said you wrote well, so I was sure you could speak well). I'm 53 and use a lot of your tips - I even tried the pop of color one recently, although that might best be saved for those a touch younger. I've found the tips you offer and the products you recommend are some of my favorite ideas ever. Wish I'd met you when I was ten years or so younger!

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Lori- So happy that you posted this comment and you are so sweet to say such kind words!! I am thrilled you made it to my makeup class and that I got to meet you! I love that you were even experimental enough to try the pop of color idea - at least now you know it might not be for you, and you can move onto to other ideas- Ha!!

Lori said...


Wanted to update you on the pop of color idea for older clients. I tried it again, but with a much thinner line of the bright shade (hey, I bought the Tenacious Teal because I loved the color, I wasn't going to throw it away!). I used a tiny thin-tipped eyeliner brush, and put it subtly on the lash line both under and over my eyes with a shade similar to Kitten as the only other color used. With the narrower line, it's much more flattering.