Girl Crush :: Lily Collins

 {23 year old Lily Collins via.}

This is my second installment in my “Girl Crush” category (here was my premiere Girl Crush in case you missed her).  I am not afraid to throw out some fellow female appreciation.  Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve seen Lily Collins in any of her movies, but every time I have seen her around the magazines and internet, I stop to stare.  Can you get over how much this doe eyed beauty looks like another Hollywood doe eyed beauty??

{41 year old actress, Jennifer Connelly, could be her older twin, via.}

What is it about Lily that is so mesmerizing?  It’s a plethora of things – her perfectly full brows (here is my attempt at faking them), long wispy lashes, alabaster skin that doesn’t look ravaged by the sun, and her cute nose.  Oh, and her long flowing hair and full mouth.  Does that cover it all?  Wait, she can act and her father is musician Phil Collins.  Not a shabby laundry list of coolness.  And from the looks of these pictures, she can pull off ANY makeup look from natural and neutral, to smokey and sexy.  I love a girl who is not afraid to take chances with her makeup.

 {Vampy dark lips via}

{Smokey eyes via}
I think the eyes really are the windows to the soul and are typically the first thing I want to play up on any client (and myself!).  Lily’s eyes makes me want to find some eyebrow serum to make my eyebrows grow fuller and get lash extensions.  Well, I am excited because I AM going to be getting myself my first round of eye lash extensions very soon – I cannot WAIT to share with you how they turn out!!
What do you think about my 2nd Girl Crush?  Have you seen Lily in anything?  
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