Links Of The Week

{Boys on set with mom for the new Dierks Bentley video.}
This week has been a whirlwind to say the least.  On top of my baby turning two, I had a wonderful opportunity at the beginning of the week.   I got to work my MUA skills for an upcoming music video for country singer Dierks Bentley!  And if that wasn’t exciting enough for me to get my makeup skills documented on a music video for a major artist, but my boys were also asked to be a part of the video!!  These two little guys made me so proud how they acted around all of these professionals for a full day shoot, that I can honestly say I’m more proud of them than anything.  I CANNOT WAIT to share this video with all of you when “Tip It On Back” debuts so you can see my boys in action and my makeup skills come to life!
While the video is being edited, here are some fun links around the Internet to waste some time on…
1.   Marilyn is getting her own makeup collection in October. 
2.  Awesomely yummy tasting lip stains you can make at home.
3.  Famous failures to teach you to never give up.
4.  Totally tan Pippa. 
5.  News anchor babes and their makeup styles. 
6.  A cool male style blog.
7.  This girl walks into a bar
8.  Celebrity mom “push” presents.
9.  Best ombre hair ever on this blogger.
10.  One of my most popular and informative blog posts.
Have a fantastic weekend everybody!!