Little Miss Sunshine

It has been cloudy and raining here in Georgia for the past couple of days (I’m sure thanks to yucky Hurricane Isaac), but luckily it feels like the sun is shining in many ways around my household!!!
{My SUNNY manicure that goes from red – orange – to a bright yellow accent nail.}
For starters, my hubby has been on the search for a new job and was just offered one that he is very excited about.  So after two months of that “dark cloud of gloom and worry” of where he was going to land, the clouds have been lifted from our household and the sun is shining on this new opportunity! I am extremely proud of him.  My daughter has also quit crying uncontrollably and grabbing onto me when I drop her off at her preschool, and now walks thru the doors like a big girl.  I no longer have been made to feel like a terrible mommy for taking her to school and I know that she is now enjoying her school experience!  This is a big weight off my shoulders and heart as well.
After guess you could figure what I would label this next expression…
 {Little Miss Sunshine Face!!}
So speaking of the sun, I just bought a new Sonia Kashuk cheek color shown above and below, called “Sunset.” I already own two of her other blushes “Flamingo” and “Melon.”  To say I’m a big fan of her inexpensive blushes is an understatement!  Sunset is a soft tangerine orange shade with a very subtle shimmer.

 {Sonia Kashuk for Target, $9}

{Up close of Sunset. Lip gloss by tarte.}
This is one of those bright colors that would probably scare most people away, so I was definitely taking a chance on it.  But you know me, I LOVE to take makeup chances and share them when they actually turn out to be beneficial!! 
To show you how this color works for different skin tones – I did a comparison shot of me and a recent high school senior client I worked with for her senior pictures – Thananya you turned out gorgeous!! We obviously have opposite skin tones, but the blush works beautifully on both of us!
{It shows up a bit brighter on my lighter skin but just enough for her teen face!}
What do you think of an orange based blush – Would you rock it?  And have you tried Sonia Kashuk’s blushes yet??