Mama’s Birthday Girl

“You, whose day it is, get out your rainbow colors and make it beautiful.” 
Traditional Nootka Song
{Vivian – AKA, “The Scribbler. ” Who needs coloring books when you’ve got skin??}
It is hard to grasp that 2 years ago today, my daughter was born into this world.  As much as we hear the same old cliche phrase that “time flies,”  it couldn’t be more true now that I have children.   When I was in high school/college, newly married, and even pregnant with my first son, it didn’t really feel that way – I was always ready for the next thing or rushing to get through the work week.  Not so anymore when I look through these pictures from being pregnant with Vivian to her present day 2nd birthday celebrations.  I want time to slloooowwww doooowwwnnnn…

My little baby is “blossoming” into a beautiful and spirited young lady right before my eyes.  My husband and I were just saying the other day as we were preparing for her early birthday party, “doesn’t it seem like we are always throwing birthday celebrations between us and our three kids??”  Actually yes it does, but isn’t that a wonderful thing?!!  “Each birthday will be a gift of time, and growing old will be a gift of life.” Author unknown
I know the 2’s will be terrific (not terrible!)!  I love you more than words can express.