New Faces In Fall Beauty & Fashion Advertising

I’m one of “those” that loves the previews before a movie almost more than the actual movie.   I also love when fat fall magazines come out because half of the issue is mostly advertisements.  Ads give us a super quick glance into what the product can do for us and it must be like visual eye candy to grab my attention.  Ads should be like a really good marriage between the spokesperson and the product/service.  Here are a few new faces that have grabbed my attention in the beauty and fashion ad world, for better or for worse…


{Rock-pop musician (and mom!) Pink, for Cover Girl. Photo via
{Singer soulstress, Janelle Monae for Cover Girl. Photo via}

Cover Girl  has recently signed on two new faces to their ad campaigns and I love how completely opposite both of these women are. Except for their singing talents, they both have ultra unique looks – think one with pink hair and alabaster skin, and the other with dark chocolate complexion and pompadour hair!  I came across these two yesterday while posting about my newest Cover Girl lip color which spurred my interest in these two ladies.  I say kudos to CG for picking these two beautiful gals who will inspire me to be a bit more spunky in my makeup choices!

{Supermodel Claudia Schiffer for Guess, via}
This might seem contradictory to me highlighting Cover Girl’s newest non-blonde cookie cutter choices, but I have always been a big Claudia Schiffer fan.  She was a supermodel back when supermodels were a BIG deal (late 80’s) and I have always found her super beautiful in a non-relate able way (me 5’4″, brunette, American, and thin lips, and her 5’11”, blonde, German, with full flips).  GUESS coming back with their black and white ads featuring the Bridgette Bardot-ish type look has me loving the return of the womanly look.  


{Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton via}
I don’t care how many gold medals you have won or how iconic this brand is, this is the most unflattering ad I’ve seen lately.  Just by glancing, I would think they were either pushing Speedos or a new line of swim goggles.  This position is way too distracting to make me even think about the crumpled bag next to him.  Did it get my attention though…yes.  So job well done Louis Vuitton… I guess.

{Grumpy looking model for the house of Chanel via my iPhone.}
I get “editorial” looks and not making every model look picture perfect (a la Taylor Swift??), but come on Chanel.  Not only is the styling too weird for words, (why would I want to wear a dress half way down my bad late 80’s geometrical sweater?), but the makeup!!! Ahhh!! She looks like she got into a contouring fight with a chimney sweeper and a hair cutting war with my 2 year old!  I’m positive Coco Chanel is wanting to fire someone from her grave right now.  This is not fashion forward or glamorous in any way.  
Of course all of these are my own personal opinions and no one has every labeled me a fashion or beauty critic to abide by.  I’m sure Louis Vuitton is doing just fine financially no matter what JennySue thinks.  But I would be interested in hearing if anyone thinks I’m off base on any of these.
Do you enjoy looking at all of the new fall fashion and beauty ad campaigns?  Which ones are your faves and which ones fail?