Product Review :: PRO Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer

 {My new dryer with attachments, $29.99.}

I have had my current hair dryer for over 3 years now and it has served its purpose.  It’s not one of those beauty products that I ever put much thought into because I just figure a dryer is there to just dry, nothing fancy.  I think I got it from KMart, and it was 20 bucks.  Again, nothing fancy.  So when I received my new *Pro Beauty Tools dryer, I honestly didn’t think it would really feel that much different from my old one.  I was wrong though.

{My hair takes 20 minutes to dry – kinda ridiculous.}
 {I love a good value.}
{All the features.}
Here is a quick breakdown of my experience with this dryer…

The most stand out difference for me between my oldie dryer and this one, is that the Pro Tools one is much more lightweight – much!  I didn’t realize how heavy my old one was until I held this one!

I also found that when I took the time to use the cold shot button, that my hair did turn out to look a bit shinier. When pressing this button, it does take about 20 seconds for it to get cooler. My hair doesn’t really get frizzy so I didn’t see a noticeable difference here.  

I have never used the T3 they are comparing this model to, so I can’t really vouch for if it performs as well.  I did look up what Tourmaline is and why it would be beneficial – 
“Tourmaline is a semi precious gemstone that when heated emits negative ionic and infrared heat.”

I do wonder how different a $29 dryer feels and differs from a $200 one?!
Using the concentrator attachment does help to really focus the heat where I want it to go along the hair shaft.

Overall I’m really glad I have this new dryer and can chunk my old heavy dinosaur one!  Here is a link I found on on best methods for blow drying your hair for all lengths.

How important is your hair dryer to your daily beauty routine??

*This product was sent to me for consideration and I was not paid for this review.  All views and opinions are honest and my own.*