September 26, 2012

Lash Extension Update :: Week Two

I've had my lash extensions in for a full two weeks now.  And they are starting to look verrryy "Dancing With The Stars" long if you get my drift.  SO glad that show is back on by the way (poor Pam Anderson who got knocked off last night!).  Okay, on with the lashes...

 {A little blown out due to flash!}

 {Some of the lashes are starting to clump and move.}

{Also feeling a bit crunchy and not as soft as originally did.}

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm getting a little worried about these extensions taking my natural lashes with them when they and being left with bare spots.  I've heard from more people about this being a potential hazard than I'd like to admit- why didn't I know this before I actually had them glued in??  Being left with bald spots in my lash line would make me reaaally unhappy.  So besides the obvious prescription Latisse that is a bit too pricey for my blood, I've heard fantastic things about RevitaLash and its miracle working properties for regrowing lashes.  
{RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash conditioner, $85}

Seriously, this stuff is getting some mad lash love, especially from the women (who shall remain nameless) that lost their lashes to loving their lash extensions.  Another option that was on the show The Doctors, (and shouldn't we trust those guys and gals recommendations?!) is the even less expensive option, SmartLash, which I have already ordered just in case.

{SmartLash Eye lash enhancer, $29.95 + free shipping!}

Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones who will only lose the extensions and not my god given lash line.  But I'm being proactive just in case by buying this lash enhancer.  I am starting to see more extensions fall out and I can definitely see my natural lash attached to the fallen, but not noticing bare spots just yet.  Wish they still looked like this.

I do think I'm going to have to start trimming these puppies though, because sunglasses are getting harder to wear...

If you have had lash extensions, how long were you able to keep yours on before needing a fill in or removing them because they started looking wacky??  I'd love to hear your advice of what to expect!


Andee Layne said...

hey love I had mine a few years ago and could usually go about a month before I had to have them filled and they started looking all crazy. I had them for maybe 6 months? This was before everyone started doing lash extensions. They were crazy expensive to get and upkeep and I didn't have to many people to tell me the after effects. I finally decided to take them out and my lashes were so short and stick straight! Having light colored eyes I was scared to take Latisse bc I thought it might change my eye pigment. I ended up swearing by Li Lash! I CAN NOT WAIT to go back on it! I stopped using it last year when i found out i was prego and am still not using it bc I'm breast feeding and there wasn't enough info on if it was ok to use while prego or nursing. BUT I'm counting down the days till I can start using that stuff again. I find the Lash growth products to be way better than the extensions! Much cheaper too! Sorry for the lengthy post! xoox

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@AndeeLayne - you are way too sweet and I appreciate you sharing in great detail of your lash experience!! This is the first I've heard of Li Lash so I'm going to have to look into that one, especially because of your glowing recommendation! Thanks girl.