September 19, 2012

One Week Into Lash Extensions Update

I have had my lash extensions in for a solid week now.  And I had such a HUGE response from everyone wanting to know more about them the moment I posted I had gotten them done here!  So I figured I would catch you all up on what my thoughts are so far on these faux fringes.  

 {One week of wearing them.}

 {Extreme close up to show placement and a little movement. Only on upper lashes}

 {The view from above shows the growth of my natural lashes.}

{They still have not been touched by mascara. Only the lower lashes.}

Overall, they still look pretty much the same as they did the day I got them.  Here's what I have noticed about everyday wear so far:
  • I've only seen 2 actual single lashes fall off - and I have no idea where they fell from.  
  • I have found that washing my face in the shower or in the sink, is not as easy as it used to be bc you have to be SO careful not to pull or tug too hard on these things.  Apparently I used to scrub the heck out of my eye lids because now that I can't, it feels like I'm not getting my face as clean!
  • Applying eye liner is not easy either around these things, bc they are so long and have a natural bend to them.  I have had to resort to using a slanted brush in eye shadow to dot along the lash line to act as eye liner.  Liquid eyeliner is a huge pain and I'm not even taking the time to deal with it anymore.
  • They are kind of spiky feeling.  Meaning, they're definitely not as soft as my natural lashes (obviously) and they hit my sunglasses now!
  • You cannot use a cotton ball to take your eye makeup off anymore.  I did it once, and was left with white cotton stuck all in them - it was a mess.  Kleenex from now on.
  • They clump up slightly when I wake up in the morning and I have to run a steel toothed comb thru them to unclump.  There are a couple places I'm starting to notice shifting and clumping together more, so hopefully it won't get worse.
I am still happy that I can omit applying mascara to these things in the morning for them to look good.  I'm just hoping they stay this way for a couple of more weeks.  However, I'm also wondering with my new growth underneath if they're going to start looking super fake and waaay too long??  We'll see - I'll do another update next week.

What do you think so far?  Would you ever try lash extensions?

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Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl said...

I need to get some of those lash amazing!!!

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

Baby Shopaholic said...

They look great! I feel you on washing the face. I like to scrub and that would bother me if I cant everyday.

Peggy Timmermans Visagie said...

I had extensions as well fotr a while, well i did it twice, first time you didn't notice, second time like you..perfect! And exaclty the same, i had the same remarks as you have now! Because of my hay fever i had to remove them and after all, it's easier without. I discovered Revitalash which i'm using for almost a month now, and it makes your natural lashes stronger and...believe it or not...longer!

Stephanie Nelson said...

I tried lash extensions and when I left the salon I felt amazing! I have blonde lashes so anything I could do to cut my mascara routine down would be amazing! HOWEVER. the next day my eyes were so swollen & bloodshot I couldn't even go to work! I went to my eye doctor & she said that since the lashes were so heavy on my lash line it was actually rubbing & causing friction on my eye and had scratched them! So after that I took them out and just decided I'd like to keep my sight and maybe my mascara routine wasn't so bad after all! Hope you have better luck than me!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow they look pretty darn amazing!

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@BabyShopaholic - I know, it is slightly annoying I cannot scrub my face...ha!
@Peggy - you are one of many that I have heard such great things about Revitalash from!! I think this might be the way to go rather than keeping up these extensions if it works that well!
@Stephanie - OH NO!! That is awful!! Yes, so far so good for me, no eye scratching yet:) Applying mascara isn't such a bad thing - I actually enjoy the process:)
@Cathy & Krysten - thanks ladies for the lash love