Product Review :: Calgon Luminous Bath Pearls

Rarely do I get the opportunity to take a leisurely soak in the tub with three kids and a crazy hectic night time routine.   I consider myself lucky if I get the chance to wash my hands during the day!!  But when I do take baths from now on,  I will always be pouring these babies into my bath water…

{Calgon’s Luminous Bath Pearls look like actual tiny realistic pearls!!}
I love a good bubble bath every now and then, but sometimes bubbles can be annoying.  You know, they get all over everything, sometimes stick around even when you’ve gotten out of the shower, you can’t find your razor you dropped in the water bc the bubbles are hiding it, etc etc. That sort of annoying.  
So that’s why I love this concept of *Calgon’s Luminous Bath Pearls, $6.50 (or beads) because they: 
  • scented my water beautifully, 
  • gave me some exceptional skin softening through Vitamin E and collagen ingredients, 
  • all without the annoying bubbles you can’t see the bottom of the water through!
These little jewels made my rare bath feel a bit more exotic when I got to release the pearls into my water! Besides the soft and hydrated skin that occurred after I got out of the tub, the scent is what stood out most of all to me.  I feel like the right perfumes can have the most relaxing effect on people.  And this one smells super fresh and clean, just like what I would picture a fresh water pearl smelling like!! Seriously, no obnoxious or loud fragrance, just good clean fun.  I say fun, because if I get the chance to sit back and relax in a bathtub without doing anything, that’s fun to me.  This is what the phrase “bath time” around my house usually means, and it has nothing to do with me lounging in a tub…
{Miss Viv’s bath time is a bit more rowdy.}
So like the old saying goes and rings true with these pretty pearls, “CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!”
Do you ever get the chance to enjoy a nice quiet bath?  Is it a rare treat or an everyday routine?

*This product was sent to me for consideration and review.  I was not paid for this review.  All ideas and opinions were honest and my own as always.*

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