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I have some mad love for drugstore beauty products.  Let’s get something straight – I don’t mind spending money on expensive products if they work, but of course, if I can get by with buying the cheaper stuff and it performing like the pricey stuff, I’m all in.  In walks my goodie bag of *Prestige Cosmetics…

{My Prestige loot.  All about the eyes + lip gloss.}
I had heard of Prestige before, but had never actually bought any of their products.  So when I got this bag of products in the mail, I was super duper excited.  Let’s get down to my thoughts on these four products.   
3.  My Perfect Lashes Faux Lashes in Chloe |  4.  Wonder Full Plumping Gloss in Polished
1.  Eye primer ($9.50).  I wear eye primer every single day.  And I wear the more expensive department store stuff.  So I was hesitant, but this primer works!  It is colorless (which I like for myself and for working on clients of all skin tones), lightweight, and kept my shadows on as good as the pricey ones.  Score.  I have it on in the following photos (of course you can’t SEE it bc it’s colorless and underneath my shadows!) and it totally kept my shadows true for hours throughout the day.
 {Sporting all 3 eye products at once.}

2.  Biggest Lashes mascara ($6.50).  This mascara is good and it has a great big fat wand.  Meaning, it wouldn’t be good if you have tiny eyes and short lashes because it would probably get all over your face when applying.  But for me, it worked.  Is it the best mascara ever – no.  Is it good for the price -absolutely.  Next three pictures were taken with no flash by the way.

{Naked eye lashes.}

 {Two coats of mascara on top and bottom.}
 {My false lashes and glue.}

{Lash strips added after full eye makeup done + mascara (taken with flash).}
3.  Faux Lashes in style Chloe ($4.25).  What female doesn’t like the look of false lashes?? I would wear them everyday if I had the time, energy, and money.  I really love the way these turned out because they weren’t crazy long and fake looking.  However, if I have to be picky, the lash glue that came with them wasn’t strong enough to hold them to my lash line.  I struggled keeping them stuck during application, so I had to end up using my Ardell strip lash glue to finally get them to stay put. Other than that, they look fab and I love the price point.
{Maxi Lip plumper in a sheer coral color, “Polished.”}
 {Happy smile with plumper gloss applied – a different day from lash look.}
4.  Lip Plumping Gloss in “Polished” ($5.95).  I admit to having super thin lips. So I’m always on the hunt to find the best plumping gloss available, no matter what the cost.  A good lip gloss would have to be cheaper than surgical lip plumper injections right??  Pros of this one, it tingles when applied (which mentally makes me think my lips look fuller!), the shade is fantastically natural with just enough color and subtle shimmer, and it smells good. Did it give me Jessica Alba lips, of course not.  I’m realistic enough to know that no lip gloss ever will though.  But for 6 bucks, this product works just as good as the $25+ plumper glosses I’ve used, so I find that to be a plus.

Overall, I’m now a big fan of the Prestige line and think the price points are fantastic for the quality of the products I got to review.  I can’t wait to try out more of their well priced line of cosmetics.

Have you ever tried anything by Prestige Cosmetics?

*These products were sent to me for consideration only.  I was not paid for this review.  All thoughts and ideas expressed are honest and my own as always.*

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