Beautiful Newlywed Alert :: Justin Timberlake + Jessica Biel

My long time teeny bopper crush, Justin Timberlake, got married this weekend – Boo.  Even though he’s off the market and I officially have no chance now, (did I ever have a chance??) I must say I totally approve of his stunning bride choice.  These two are seriously newlywed eye candy…

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She wore a bubblegum pink Giambattista Valli gown, and I actually find it completely refreshing, young, and tasteful.  Remember Gwen doing the pink gown thing too on her wedding day? I like that she thought outside of the white box and it worked.  I’m wondering how much truth there is that they truly spent $6.5 MILLION bucks on their Italian wedding?? That’s what I hear.  I’m never one to nay say that if you work hard and make plenty of money (both of them brilliant actors, he’s a musician AND a clothing designer!) that you shouldn’t be able to spend that money how you want.  Be it extravagant or not, you earned it, so you go Mr. & Mrs. Timberlake if that’s what makes you happy!
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Bringing makeup back (get it) into the picture, I have always admired how naturally gorgeous Jessica’s makeup is on the red carpet.  I found this short video from one of the makeup artists she uses, Lauren Anderson, showing you how to get luminous Jessica-like skin.  She told Harpers Bazaar magazine last year that she keeps her skin clean and glowing by using Cor Silver Soap ($120).  I also tried to find a picture of Jessica rocking a true smokey eye, and couldn’t find one anywhere!  Guess she likes to keep her look simple with neutral makeup, but she will at least will try a bright lip.
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{The perfect ombre colored hair.}

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Congratulations to the happy couple and here’s to living happily in Hollywood ever after!!!   And on a side note – Jessica, I hope to see a smokey eye in your future – I know you would kill it!
What do you think of the pink wedding dress trend and this cute couple?