Best Bang For Your Buck Eyeshadow Palette

I’m all about shadow palettes, lip palettes, blush palettes, heck, any kinda palettes – bring ’em on! They make life easier when it comes to applying makeup because you get multiple choices of color in one spot and you don’t have to go digging around for separate shades to put together.  If you’ve got 15 bucks to spare, you should go get yourself the latest palette from E.L.F. Cosmetics (eyes, lips, face)…

 {144 different shades to choose from.}

{One of a gazillion looks I could create from this palette.}
I bought this palette from my local Target for $15, and I can already tell, I’m going to get way more than my monies worth out of this puppy.  Even if you think you’ll never actually use apple red or shamrock green shadow (never say never), you will certainly be able to use at least 66 of the super easy neutral shades.  Not to mention some gorgeous navy and olive green shades.  I even used one of the pink shadows as my cheek color above!  
Quality wise, they’re really good for the price.  Do they compare to more expensive brands like MAC or Bobbi Brown shadows in terms of rich pigment, NO.  But they’re better than lots of other drugstore shadows I have bought before – so I would consider them middle of the road.  If you use a lid primer ahead of time, it makes them perform and stay even better of course. 

Here are some of my Pinterest inspired looks I will want to create using this rainbow palette.  You can follow my pins HERE!! 
1. Neutral know-how with bronze shimmers like Kim K.
2.  My punch of purple inspired look above like Rachel.
3.  Holly leaves green for the holidays.
4.  Barbie Doll blue eyes.
5. Bold and smokey blacks.
Have you picked up this E.L.F. palette yet?  It would make a lovely inexpensive gift for the makeup obsessed person in your life!!