Fighting Annoying Lipstick Feathering With Too Faced “Lip Insurance”

It’s one of those annoying beauty issues that happens more and more the older I get –  My bright colored lipstick and glosses start to feather and bleed around my mouth.  Eeewww, I know.

 {Too Faced Lip Insurance, $18.}

Like I need another primer/spackle/layer to add to my face before applying my makeup since I already use an eye lid and face primer, but I guess that’s what they’re there for – to keep my makeup PUT.  And there is truly nothing more unattractive than seeing bleeding hot pink lipstick all around your mouth!  So in order to see if I could stop stray away lip color in its tracks, I gave this anti-feathering lip primer by Too Faced a try.  

 {Applying it all over the mouth and slightly outside of the natural lip line.}

{Original lipstick application at 1:45pm.}
I decided to layer two obnoxiously bright and dark colors together to truly test this product out after letting the product dry and soak in for one full minute.  And to be quite honest, I mixed these two shades together so that they would end up matching the bright magenta in my shirt pattern too – Ha!!! 

{I mixed Maybelline “Fuchsia Fever” + Revlon “Wine Not.“}
This is what the outcome was 7 hours later after dinner/drinks/and snacking and no reapplying…

{What it looked like at 8:45pm.}
These two shades/formulas I had applied, typically move around my face, and this time, they didn’t budge!!  I didn’t even use my other stay put lipstick techniques or a lip liner, so as to really put it to the test!  Now the box did tout it as being able to “lock down and intensify color for longer lasting wearability,” which I didn’t find it extending the overall look and color for an extremely long time, but it did keep the colors where they were supposed to be.  So even though the colors aren’t as bright on my mouth after 7 hours, it never strayed past my actual lips.  Mission accomplished.  
I will not be taking chances with my bright and dark lip colors anymore, and will always prep my lips with this Lip Insurance from now on!
Do you have the feathering problem with your lip colors like me? If not – What’s your biggest annoying beauty issue?

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