Future Fashion Blogger

 {“Don’t bother me mom, I’m busy pinning on Pinterest!”}

I could NOT have posed little Vivian like this if I had TRIED, seriously.  This was her on the way to preschool last week, and it was one of those wardrobe moments that I had so much fun with mixing and matching prints that I couldn’t help but posting her cute ensemble.  Not to mention the fact that she insisted on playing with my phone while donning her Baby Gap sunglasses indoors while waiting for me to gather myself to get her to school on time.  Major tiny diva moment. 

 {She has insisted on wearing her rose colored sunglasses to finish the look.}

 {Mixing 3 prints works when there’s one consistent color in all prints – yellow in this case.}
{Pacifier seriousness.}
Here is Vivian’s fashion blogger moment checklist.  
She’s channeling some of my FAVE fashion blogger sites:
1. iPhone – check.
2.  pigeon toed bent knee pose via FashBoulveard – check.
3.  round sheer shades via Man Repeller – check.
4.  wearing your jacket as a cape via Song of Style– check.
5.  mix and match prints via Cheap Chicas – check.
6.  statement neon via Atlantic Pacific – check.

{Looking rather similar to another fashionista!}
If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this side by side pic I posted of Viv channeling her inner Anna Wintour.  Luckily for me, I have great girlfriends who had baby girls before I did, so Viv is wearing “vintage” (aka, hand me down!) romper and striped tee along with her Harajuki Mini zip jacket (which I can’t get enough of) and Nike tennis shoes. Maybe the next Tavi Gevinson, no?…Ha!  
I am definitely no fashion blogger and I give big props to the ladies that can pull together a complete outfit, get it photographed, and post daily to inspire all of our wardrobes! Lucky for me as a beauty blogger, I typically just have the face done while wearing pajama bottoms no one sees – for real.
Happy mix-your-prints Monday everyone!!  
Do you think Viv is pulling off this season’s latest trends?  Who are your favorite fashion bloggers??