Girl Crush :: Sofia Vergara

I am wondering who DOESN’T have a crush on super femme bot and comedian from hit TV show Modern Family, Sofia Vergara??!  Male, female, baby, dog, cat, lizard, if you don’t see it, you either have an eye sight problem or no funny bone…

{Sofia at the Vanity Fair Oscar party 2012, via}
This 40 year old woman makes me want to BE 40 if it can look this good!!  Even though she recently admitted in the November issue of Lucky magazine that “Turning 40 was horrible, and that people who say it isn’t are full of ___!”I must say I love her candidness.  We don’t all have to act like getting older is okay or easy!!  She has put it out there that she’s been bathing in the pricey Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream ($275) since she was in her 20’s.  Looks like I need to start saving my pennies to invest in this miracle cream.

Here are some crush worthy pics and insight into Miss Vergara…

{Naturally blonde Vergara.  Yeh, the current brunette is all a dye job.}

{Sofia years ago.  Looks a little Catherine Zeta Jones don’tcha think?}

{Casual Sofia, via.}
If I could steal this purse, I would.  I love how her casual style always seems to have super bright pops of color either in her purses, scarves, or accessories.  If you are obsessed with this Givenchy purse like I am, HERE it is.  It would carry diapers and wipes in the most fabulous way!

{This woman is NOT afraid of color, via.}

A great quote to leave you with from Sofia who has really made her mark as a gorgeous comedian who embraces and owes her success to extreme femininity says,

“If you are afraid of not looking beautiful, you can’t be funny.  
You will just be like a gimmick of someone funny, or setting up a joke for someone else.”

You go funny girl.
Are you a Sofia Vergara fan??