“It” Girl Products

"It" Girl Products

There have been lots of articles recently in my fashion and beauty magazines touting the “best of beauty” products and “reader favorites,” that I decided to compile my list of the most talked about ones here.  I have not tried any of these personally, which honestly, is what makes them all the more intriguing.  After all of the positive chatter going on about each of these products, I would basically consider these the “it” girls of the makeup world…

From left to right, you can click the link to shop the product…

1.  Bobbi Brown BB Cream, ($42).  The apparent holy grail of the BB cream craze worldwide.  This all in one product should do in one step what my 4 step skin routine does, only better.

2.  Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer, ($20).  This full coverage concealer with yellow undertones should take away any trace of a sleepless night and bounce away those dark circles.

3.  MAC Technakohl liner in “Graphblack,” ($15).  I am kind of ashamed I haven’t gotten this soft rich black liner for myself yet, after years of hearing how wonderful the color deposit is.  If you want to create the sexiest dark smokey eye, then apparently this is the best way to start.

4.  Tom Ford Cheek Color in “Love Lust,” ($55).  Anything by Tom Ford has to look and feel exquisite, and this finely milled blush in this peachy pink color is getting raving reviews of being able to flatter every skin tone.  Wonder if it’s the next Nars “orgasm??”

5.  Yves Saint Lauren Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain,($32).  This is one of those innovative lip colors that cosmetic manufactures have been working towards for years!  It is supposedly the perfect blend with the color of a lipstick, intense shine of a gloss, and endurance of a lip stain. And on top of all that, it isn’t drying and doesn’t need reapplication.  Sounds worth every penny.

Do you own any of these “it” girl products?   Do they deserve all of the hype and chatter??

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