Halloween Makeup :: Opposites Attract

I have two celebrity inspired makeup looks I would love to recreate for myself this Halloween.  And they couldn’t be MORE POLAR OPPOSITE…

1.  Sweet Cinderella.  
As nailed to perfection by my celeb fave, Gwen Stefani from last year.

Her makeup would be so fun to do with all of the lashes, bright pink cheeks/lips, and lots of blue shadow.  Not to mention I’d get to wear a blonde wig, which I’ve always wanted to see myself as a blonde.   And she wears tons of jewelry.  I’d kinda like to be Cinderella in real life.

2.  Scary Skeleton Lady.  
A la Lady Gaga, Born This Way, inspired.

{Lots of skull makeup ideas via}

{Lady Gaga video with Rick Genest, the guy with the REAL skeleton tattoo. His doesn’t wash off.}

I’m really digging both of these costume ideas, but they are extremely different, right??  I actually think I would get away cheaper if I went the skeleton route though – less baubles and wigs!  And since I’ve got three kids to dress up too – I need to be frugal with my budget, so black and white face makeup could be the ticket.  (Here’s a post I did on Dermablend concealer which also has a link to the fascinating video of human zombie Rick, and his make-under transformation using their concealer products.).

My only fear of going the skull makeup route, is scaring my daughter, as she was horrified of my Velma costume and glasses from last year!  I think it was the fact that I didn’t look like myself.  So hold on to your trick or treat bucket Vivian if I go all Lady Gaga!!  I also did a blog posting last year here, that was approaching the question of whether or not your Halloween costume choice says something about you.  I can’t quite figure out what it says about me that I could be gravitating towards such polar opposite looks – HA!!!

So which one do you think I should go for – sweet and innocent Cinderella or the sour and scary Skeleton makeup??  Leave me a comment or tell me if you’re dressing up this Halloween!