Product Review :: Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow

Every woman wants her beauty routine to be easier and more efficient, point blank.  Even women like myself who actually enjoy the art of applying make up in the morning, I still always want it to happen quicker but still have the same beautiful outcome.  Imagine my excitement when I was sent something called, *Eye Majic, instant eye shadow.  Anything with reference to magic + makeup, then I’m all in.

 {Two shades of color choices I received – pearl Honey Shade and smokey grey.}

Here is my personal review in photos of this product that is touted as:
  • being a time saver, less than 4 seconds to apply on each eye, 
  • no bulky makeup bags needed with multiple shades or brushes,
  • works for any woman who has trouble applying eye makeup,
  • purse friendly application.

 {Peeling open the applicator package. No brushes necessary?? We will see.}

{Pushing into the eye bed for 4 seconds before swiping to remove.}

{After my swipe, this is what came out.  I had to end up using a brush to blend.}

{The leftovers.  I ended up dipping my brush onto the remaining color to use.}

{After I blended, added eye liner, and mascara.}

{End result.}
My overall thought on the fact that it should be a time saver for those that don’t know how to apply 3 different shades of shadow at once, yes, it would be helpful. BUT, it isn’t perfect.  I did end up having to use an eye shadow brush to blend it all together or it would have looked too ragged, like shown in the 4th picture.  I did love the color combo of bronzes and how it went from darkest to lightest where it should.  I used an eye lid primer before it all, just FYI.
I guess my biggest beef with this concept, is the trash and leftover packaging that you end up with in your wastebasket.  I wouldn’t want to end up with all of this plastic day after day.  But it would be a good idea for throwing into your gym bag or on the go to keep in your purse in a pinch. It would not replace my everyday shadow pots and beloved makeup brushes though.  There is something about the act of painting my eyes with a brush that I get into…
What do you think?  Do you want a little Eye Majic in your life??

*These products were sent to me for consideration and review.  I was not paid for this review as usual.  All ideas and opinions are honest and my own.