Black Friday Goes Grey For Lip Color

The term “Black Friday” for the day after Thanksgiving, kinda weirds me out.  It sounds like it has a negative connotation which makes me NOT want to shop because it sounds dark and dangerous!  They need to rename it, “Fuchsia Friday” or something happier.   I’d be more game to attend.

What’s even more weird though, is the idea of GREY LIPSTICK…

{MAC Cosmetics Grey Friday Campaign.}
I get it.  This grey lipstick ($15) is more for IMPACT and this color won’t be a constant that sticks around and gets restocked…at least I hope not.  I can’t recall many people that pull off a grey lip color without looking like they contracted some terrible disease or were 6 feet under.  I will throw MAC a bone however.  I obviously love their brand, and so along with the lipstick will be a grey sparkle nail color option ($16)- which I would totally dig.  Grey on the eyes, grey on the nails, sold.  Grey on the lips, not sold. 
Because if it turns out anything like K$sha sported back in 2010…
{Enough said, via.}
Okay, so that’s ridiculous you say?  Her faux hawk, brow bling, and pale skin distract from the lip color, give it a chance.  Well, here is stunning model Chanel Iman in grey lips, with none of the distraction…
{Chanel looking unhappy in her lipstick choice, via.}
Even Chanel cannot pull this off.  If you decide you want to give this shade a whirl though, you can only purchase it online or in NYC at the MAC Times Square location according to  And, if that’s not exciting enough for you, Estee Lauder currently offers a grey shade, “GunMetal Luminizer” Vivid Shine lipstick ($25), that seems a bit more wearable, as shown on the beautiful Milly.

Despite all the hype, this is one shade I am not getting on the bandwagon for.  

What are your thoughts on grey lip color?  Am I being too hard on it?

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