Christmas Tree Green Shadow

I get rather bored from time to time with my beloved brown and grey neutral eye shadows.  I love them dearly, but every now and then, I need some Fruit Loops thrown into my morning Cheerio routine.  So I decided to embrace the upcoming jolly season of Christmas with some pine, spruce, or fir green colored shadows – depending on your tree preference…

{I mixed all 6 shades of green to create this look.}
I know I know, blending 6 shades to get one eye look?? It’s crazy, I admit.  But I couldn’t get the perfect shade of green until I did!  I used my massive $15 ELF palette talked about here.  Pretty appropriate for the holiday season huh?? Elfs, Santa, Christmas…HA! Moving on.
  • I added a touch of the blue green (shown in the top right hand corner) to keep it from looking too too Christmas tree-ish.  
  • The lightest lime green (top left hand corner) was added in the tear duct area and then right in the center of the eyelid for that pop of dimension.  
  • Black liquid liner was added just along the top lash line.
  • Then I added a white eye liner, this one, in the inner waterline to brighten up my eyes and not make them look too sickly!
Of course with eye shadow this bold, I kept my cheeks and lips MUCH more subtle…
  • Blush is “Orgasm” by Nars (my all time fave blush, ever) and lip color is Palladio Herbal lip liner in “Salmon” with Too Faced Glamour Gloss in “Pillow Talk” on top.

{Vivian dug that her frog towel was the same color as my eye shadow.}
If you want to see how other women (of the celebrity type) carry off the green variety of shadows, check this link here.  Green is a fairly universal color that can really make eyes pop and looks really festive this time of year.  
*If you have green eyes, just make sure the shade you choose isn’t matchy-matchy to your actual eye color, or it won’t show them off.  Either go a deeper/darker shade of green, or the opposite of the spectrum to a much lighter or brighter shade.
What do you think of sporting Christmas tree green on your peepers?
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